Placement Advice

Students who have enrolled in the calculus sequence Math 135-136 or Math 135-138 sometimes switch to a major which requires Math 251, the third term of calculus. In particular, biology majors who have taken Math 135-138 sometimes change major to biochemistry, which requires Math 251. These students should switch to the Math 151-152 track as soon as possible.

Math 135 to 152

For someone who has already taken and performed well in Math 135, transitioning to Math 152 is doable. However one should check with the Head Advisor when planning such a switch. Here is a study guide. The syllabi for Math 135/6 and Math 151/2 do change over time, so it is always best to consult the Head Advisor (or our course material pages) for current information.

Transferring From 135 to 152 (pdf)

Math 136 to 251

The transition from Math 136 to Math 251 is quite difficult. Math 136 cannot be substituted for Math 152 as a prerequisite for Math 251. Students wishing to take Math 251 after having taken 136 (or the older course, Math 138) should take Math 152 for E credit.
Occasionally students who took 136 learn the missing material (mainly infinite series) on their own and take a proficiency exam for 152. Here is a study guide for that transition. This is not available to students who have taken Math 138, as that course is targeted exclusively to biology majors and covers very different material from Math 152.

Preparing for the transition from Mathematics 640:136 to Mathematics 640:251 (pdf)