Honors Track Option

The Honors Track of the Math major provides qualified students with a richer, more rigorous, and more personal mathematical experience than is provided by the standard major. It is intended especially (but not exclusively) for students aiming to do graduate work in Mathematics or a related field.

Students interested in and potentially qualified for the honors track are encouraged to take honors sections of calculus and (especially) the honors section Math 300, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning.  Two additional intermediate level honors sections, of Math 311 (Introduction to Real Analysis I) and Math 350 (Linear Algebra) are then the typical prerequisites for the more advanced honors level work.

The honors track course of study is personalized for each student, in consultation with their faculty advisor and the Honors Committee, and will normally include the demanding advanced honors sequences Math 411-412 (Mathematical Analysis I & II) and Math 451-452 (Abstract Algebra I & II) as well as two semesters of one-credit honors seminar or approved substitutes,. Students who successfully complete the honors track are eligible to graduate with a B.S. in Mathematics.

Students interested in the honors track should submit an application (available online  and in Hill 303). Admission is on a rolling basis: applications are kept active and are re-evaluated each semester, with students being admitted once they have compiled a strong enough record to demonstrate their ability to complete the program.

Further Information