Math Department Graders

Grader Application -- Fall 2021

Information about the positions:

Each semester, the Mathematics Department hires undergraduate and graduate students in good standing to grade homework assignments, Maple labs, and Matlabs for several undergraduate and a few graduate courses.

Graders are typically given a few days to grade an assignment, so the working hours of graders are flexible. The pay for all courses, except Math 244 and Math 251, is $11-13 per hour per course (depending on the level); the work load in the spring 4 hours per week. The time commitment for each Math 244 or Math 251 is 3 hours per week. Not all of the grading will be done online this fall.

Before applying, please ask yourself if you will realistically have time to take on this commitment. It is extremely important that all deadlines the professors set for completing the grading are met. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please complete the entire form below. Please note there is often considerable interest in these grading positions, so not every applicant could be hired. To be considered for a course, an applicant needs to have successfully completed the course (with an A grade) at Rutgers, and have a GPA of at least 3.4.

This Fall, we will be hiring graders for the following courses only:
103, 104, 106, 152H(only)
244, 250, 251, 252, 285, 291
300, 311, 321, 325, 336, 350, 351, 354, 356, 361, 373
411, 421, 423, 428, 435, 437(old 436), 441, 451, 454, 477, 478, 481, 485, 486
503, 527, 550

We will NOT hire graders for any other courses. Please do not request them.


The Fall 2021 application

To apply for a Grader position for any course in Fall 2021, please complete the Fall 2021 Grader application.



** If you have any questions, please email Professor Mavrea at

*** Due to the large number of applications, only applicants who are selected will be contacted (via email).