Grade Appeals

Grade Appeal Questions

Q. How do I appeal or file a complaint about a grade in a math course?

A. Students wishing to file a complaint about a course grade, or a grade received for a particular piece of work in a course, should first attempt to resolve the matter through discussion with the instructor. If the issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved between student and instructor, the student may specify in writing the basis for the complaint and request a review by the math department's ombudsperson. To begin this process, the student needs to contact the department office and ask for the "ombudsman appeal form." A written complaint about a grade for work completed while the course is in progress must be submitted to the math department's ombudsperson no later than two weeks after notification of the grade. A student must submit a written complaint about a final course grade to the math department's ombudsperson no later than four weeks after the end of the exam period for that term. The decision reached by the ombudsperson is considered the decision of the department. The undergraduate office can be reached by phone at (848) 445-2390 (press 2 for undergraduate office) or by email at To find out the procedure for appealing the decision of the department, please visit the SAS page: