Inventory Procedures for Non-Computing Equipment

Inventory Procedures for Non-Computing Equipment

13 February 2003


University Regulations & Procedures

University regulations and procedures regarding equipment, material, and supplies are listed at:


New Equipment Procedures

  1. Non-computer Equipment valued at over $1000, for use on University property.

    All such equipment will arrive at the appropriate Mathematics Building, where it will be prepared for distribution. All pertinant information will be logged into the local database and a Math asset tag will be affixed to the item. The equipment will then be delivered to location and all pertinent information will be forwarded to Property Management, a representative of which will affix a Rutgers asset tag at a future date.

  2. Non-computer Equipment valued at or below $1000.

    This equipment will be recorded in the Mathematics database for tracking purposes, but will not be reported to Property Management.


Surplus Equipment Procedures

Disposal or relocation of all non-computer equipment, which was valued over $1,000 and subsequently tagged with both Math and Rutgers asset tags, will be accomplished by contacting Lynn Braun who will fill out the appropriate form(s) and if deemed necessary, contact Material Services for removal.  


The following forms are available on the math website.


Contact Info

Lynn Braun
Administrative Assistant to the Chair
732-445-2390 x2393

Hill 311