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The Chapter was founded in 2014 with over two dozen founding members. The Chapter is supported by the AMS under its Graduate Student Chapter program. The mission of the Chapter is the same as that of the AMS itself: "The particular business and objects of the Society are the furtherance of the interests of mathematical scholarship and research" (AMS Certificate of Incorporation, 3 May 1923).

The Chapter organizes speakers and events at Rutgers, sometimes in tandem with other student groups aligned with mathematical or scientific interests. The Chapter gives annual awards for outstanding work by graduate students and their mentors.

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The Chapter normally makes three awards in each Spring semester — two student prizes and one faculty prize.

Any member or any student eligible to be a member of the Chapter may make nominations for any of the three awards. Faculty may also make nominations for the two student awards. Nomination is confidential and self-nomination is permitted. Students may receive each award only once, and faculty may receive the award once every three years. If there is no nominee for a particular award, no award is not made that year.

Nominees for student awards must be members of the Chapter. Student nominees may submit a summary of the relevant activity (research or leadership) which will be provided to the membership before voting. If no such summary is submitted, the nominator may submit such a summary (this may be submitted at the time of nomination). If neither is submitted, the officers of the Chapter will prepare such a summary. For the faculty award, the nominator should submit such a summary. If this is not submitted, the officers will prepare one.

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