Resources on Diversity and Inclusion

Resources on Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee (see below for membership) is charged with providing suggestions and resources that will help the department become a more welcoming and nurturing environment for faculty and students from all backgrounds, including those from under-represented groups, and improve recruiting and mentoring of faculty and students; and advising the undergraduate and graduate directors to help instructors conduct their classroom in more inclusive way.

1.  Resources for pregnancy and parental leave for TAs/GAs and full-time faculty.  Under the current contracts (2020) Rutgers offers paid leave of up to eight weeks for a parent to have parental leave after the child is born or when a child is adopted, regardless of gender, marital status/domestic partnership, or sexual orientation. Additionally, the birth mother receives six to eight weeks of paid recuperative leave.  

2. Resources on bias in letters of recommendation:

3. Resources on bias in hiring  

 4.  Committee on Diversity and Inclusion   
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