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Department Committees and Service Activities



Personnel Planning and Policy Committee

The Personnel Planning and Policy Committee is an elected committee whose main responsibilities are to plan for the development of the mathematics faculty and to implement this by organizing and coordinating procedures for new personnel appointments.

M. Saks   Chair ex officio
Y.Z. Huang   Acting Undergraduate Vice-Chair Fall 2018 ex officio 12/31/18
L. Borisov   Graduate Vice-Chair ex officio
V. Retakh  H. Iwaniec Algebra/Logic 6-30-19
Y. Li A. Soffer Analysis 6-30-19
M. Kiessling   Applied Mathematics 6-30-19
P. Feehan  X. Rong Geometry/Topology/Lie Theory 6-30-19

F. Cakoni,

A. Kontorovich,

C. Woodward

  At-Large 6-30-20


Alternate Members will serve when the primary member is unavailable or is on leave.
Area members serve until new elections in the Fall of odd-numbered years.
At-Large members serve until new elections in the Fall of even-numbered years.


Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee is an elected committee which has the responsibility for the administration of the graduate program in mathematics and the implementation of policies of the Department.

L. Borisov   Vice-Chair for the Graduate Program ex officio
V. Retakh A. Gibney Algebra/Logic until 6/30/20
A. Soffer N. Sesum Analysis until 6/30/20
L. Liu K. Larsen Applied Mathematics until 6/30/20
P. Feehan   Geometry/Topology until 6/30/20
H. Sussmann   Director of Professional Development ex officio
F. Cakoni
M. Kiessling
C. Weibel
A. Buch At-Large until 6/30/19


Alternates will serve when the primary member is unavailable or on leave.
Area members serve until new elections in the Spring of even-numbered years.
At-Large members serve until new elections in the Spring of odd-numbered years.


Undergraduate Committee

The Undergraduate Committee has two members elected for two-year terms, and two members appointed annually by the Vice-Chair for the Undergraduate Program. It has the responsibility to assist and advise the Vice-Chair in the administration of the undergraduate program in mathematics and in the implementation of policies of the Department.


Y.-Z. Huang Vice-Chair for the Undergraduate Program ex officio
D. Molnar Director of Summer Session  
D. Bahri-Nunziante, V. Scheffer Head Advisor, Transfer Advisor ex officio
L. Hirsch Director of Basic Skills Program ex officio
M. Weingart Assistant Undergraduate Vice-chair ex officio
D. Ocone, M. Beals Actuarial Advisor, Honors Advisor ex officio
A. Soffer, A. Buch Ombudsman, Computer Coordinator ex officio
J. Komlos, E. Carlen Elected Members until Fall 2019
S. Sahi Appointed Member (Scheduling -- -- Officer) until Fall 2017



General Department Service Activities

  • Chair: M. Saks
  • Director of the Center for Mathematical Sciences Research: J. Lebowitz
  • Director of the Center for Non-Linear Analysis: Y. Li
  • Director/Associate Director of the Rutgers Center for Systems and Control (SYCON): E. Sontag / H. Sussmann
  • Director for New Faculty Appointments: vacant
  • Colloquium Co-Chairs: J. Tunnell, V. Retakh
  • Library Committee: M. Kiessling, J. Lepowsky
  • Lewis Lectures Committee: Y. Li, V. Retakh
  • D'Atri Lectures Committee: H. Brezis, S. Chanillo, Y. Li
  • New Brunswick Faculty Council Representative: A. Gibney
  • Peer Evaluation Committee: Diana Bahri-Nunziante, Mike Beals, Zheng-Chao Han, Simon Thomas
  • IT Committee: Anders Buch, Steve Miller, Chris Woodward
  • Department Newsletter: vacant
  • Committee on Research Grants (advice on proposals): F. Luo, K. Mischaikow, Michael Vogelius
  • Wolfson Memorial Fund Committee: T. Butler
  • Academic Initiatives Panel: M. Saks, L. Borisov, P. Feehan (all ex officio), Dan Ocone, Yanyan Li


Graduate Program Service Activities

  • Vice-Chair for the Graduate Program:  L. Borisov
  • Director for Professional Development of Graduate Students: H. Sussmann
  • Director of Master's Program in Mathematical Finance: P. Feehan
  • Graduate Student--Faculty Liaison Committee: a group that maintains student evaluations of graduate courses, offers advice in matters of concern to graduate students, and generally eases the process of communication between faculty and graduate students.
    • Faculty: Lev Borisov
    • Graduate Students: Jeaheang Bang, Matt Charnley, Rebecca Coulson, Brooke Logan, Katie McKeon, Abigail Raz, Jason Saied, Chloe Wawrzyniak, Yukun Yao, Corrine Yap
  • Mentoring committee: Buch, Cakoni, Carlen, Li, Luo, Miller, Saraf, Sargsyan, Sesum, Soffer, Thomas
  • TA Training Coordinator:  M. Russell, M. Weingart
  • Graduate Summer Internship Coordinator: E. Sontag
  • Committee on Training Grants: C. Woodward, E. Carlen, K. Mischaikow, J. Lepowsky, L. Borisov (ex officio)


Undergraduate Program Service Activities

  • Vice-Chair for the Undergraduate Program: Y.Z. Huang
  • Associate Vice-Chair for the Undergraduate Program and Director of Curriculu Development: M. Weingart
  • Associate Vice-Chair for the Undergraduate Program and Director of Enrollment and Assessment: L. Hirsch
  • Head Undergraduate Advisor: Diane Bahri-Nunziante
  • Assistant Undergraduate Advisor:  Melissa Lieberman
  • Director of Biomathematics Major: K. Mischaikow
  • Professional Development Advisor for Teaching-intensive Faculty: M. Beals
  • Undergraduate Course Scheduling Committee: TBA
  • Ombudsman: Avi Soffer
  • Peer Mentor Coordinator: S. Goldstein
  • Grading Personnel Manager: TBA
  • Course Coordinators:
    • Math 103/104/106: M. Weingart
    • Math 135 (fall): J. Lepowsky   Math 135 (spring): TBA
    • Math 151 (fall): V. Scheffer, Math 151 (spring): V. Retakh
    • Math 152 (fall): V. Retakh, Math 152 (spring): V. Scheffer
    • Math 244: M. Kiessling, Math 250: Lasantha Goonetilleke
    • Math 251: E. Speer, Math 300: M. Saks
    • Math 311 (fall): Xiaojun Huang
  • Special Permissions Committee: L. Hirsch, S. Tahvildar-Zadeh, M. Weingart
  • Liaison Committee for Mathematics Department Service Courses: E. Sontag
  • Putnam exam team advisors: M. Saks, A. Buch
  • Mathematical Careers and Ideas: TBA
  • Advisor for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): A. Buch, J. Komós
  • Actuarial advisor: D. Ocone
  • Mathematics Major brochure: TBA
  • Committee on Honors and Prizes: M. Beals (head), L. Borisov, E. Carlen, J. Komlós, S. Saraf, C. Woodward

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