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Basic Information

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Personal Information – It is important that the department have current records of your local home address, phone number, and a person to contact in case of emergency. Please notify the Administrator in Hill 334 (Colette Claiborne) or Mayka Benitez in Hill 307 immediately of any changes made to this information during the year.

I.D. Cards – Photo I.D. cards are issued in the RUConnection Office once you are on payroll. These may be obtained from the Public Safety Card Office at 55 Commercial Ave. or the ASB II Office, 57 Route 1; see the Public Safety Technologies website for details.

You must carry this I.D. at all times while on campus, and it is required in order to make use of University facilities such as libraries, pools, gyms, etc. No temporary I.D. will be issued by the department to replace a lost or forgotten card.

  • New Faculty will be given a form to request a temporary guest I.D. card if you need to access the library before you go on payroll.
  • Visitors will be provided with a form to request a guest I.D. card.
  • Students must be registered before obtaining a student I.D. card, or must be on payroll before obtaining an employee I.D. card; they cannot have both.

Parking One-day visitors should see Colette Claiborne (Hill 307), or Mayka Benitez (Hill 307) to obtain a one-day permit. Longer-term visitors may need to purchase a permit from Rutgers Parking, though it is advisable to consult someone in the department before doing so.

Telephones – AASTRA devices belong to the deparment. Report problems to the Administrator in 334 or 307 (x5-4130). Office phones are primarily for business purposes.Each faculty and staff member, and each graduate student office has a 5-digit telephone extension. The full phone number is 848-445-2390 ext.XXXXX (the 5 digit extension is listed on the display of the phone in your assigned office). You must keep a record of the date and numbers of any long distance calls you make for bookkeeping purposes. You will receive a copy of the bill each month and be asked to account for your calls.


Important:  To request an Ambulance or to report Fire - dial  911    from your office phone.Please note that Visitor and Student phones are restricted to certain types of calls (e.g. Student phones cannot place international calls).

  • Within the Department
    Simply dial the 5-digit extension of the person you are trying to reach, to initiate the call.e.g.  1318  
  • Within the University
    Dial 2 for New Brunswick (CAC & Douglass) extensions, or dial 5 for Piscataway (Busch & Livingston) extensions, followed by the 4-digit extension of the person you are trying to reach, to initiate the call.e.g.  5-1318      Note:  This does not* have the same result as the last example. This will dial 848-445-1318.
  • Outside the Department
    Dial '8' first, then a '1', and then proceed to dial the regular number, including the area code, to initiate the call.e.g.  8-1-732-555-1234 
  • Outside the Country
    Dial '011', the country code, city code, then the phone number, to initiate the call.e.g.  011-385-1-555-1234  Note:  One should not dial a '8' before the '011' as you would to dial out normally.
  • Outside the Department
    First dial the central number for the Department, which is 848-445-2390. You will then be prompted via an audible menu to input the 5-digit extension of the person you are attempting to reach.e.g.  848-445-2390, x5-1318Note:  All office extension can be called directly from any phone by dialing the campus prefix before the 5-digit extension. For Piscataway (Busch & Livingston) extensions, you would dial '848-445-XXXX' and for New Brunswick (CAC & Douglass) extensions, you would dial '848-932-XXXX', with the 'XXXX' representing the last 4 digits of the extension you wish to dial.

To transfer calls, press the 'Xfer' hotkey, dial the 5-digit extension of the person to whom you wish to transfer the call and then press the 'Xfer' hotkey again to complete the transfer. Once that is accomplished, the call will be transferred to the other person, and will be out of your hands.To learn more about the many features of the phone system, including setup of your identity on the phone system (e.g. name, voicemail, etc.) please view the VoIP Training Manuals. To learn more about placing calls into the Department, including extensive examples,
please view the VoIP User Quick Start Guide

Mail – Incoming mail is distributed to department mailboxes by staff in room 315 as soon as possible after its arrival, once a day (please do not sift through the boxes if you arrive before mail is sorted). No keys to room 315 are available. You must plan to pick up mail and packages DURING REGULAR OFFICE HOURS, or use the lock combination on your mailbox if available. Your department mailing address is your name with the folliwing address:

Rutgers University, Dept. of Mathematics - Hill Center
110 Frelinghuysen Rd., Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019

  • Personal Mail
    should be sent to your home address or P.O. Box, since we are not responsible for "lost items".
  • Outgoing Mail
    is collected in Hill 315 and posted at a central University facility. Leave mail in the basket to be sent out with postage. Please have your name, return address and billing code on each envelope or it will not be sent out. Personal mail is not handled unless previously stamped; place it in the "stamped mail" box under the table in the mail room, or there is a small Post Office located in the Busch Campus Center. Extremely large packages MUST be taken to the Post Office, or you may contact UPS and pay charges at time of pickup.
  • Campus Mail
    envelopes are available in 315 (or 307 on the shelf) and should be recirculated. They must be properly addressed (see example on mailroom bulletin board), all old addresses should be crossed out, and then they must be put into the campus mail box under the table in 315.


Fax – Our fax number is 732-445-5530. Services are available for short communications only. Incoming items must be clearly labelled with your NAME and DEPARTMENT.

Copying Facilities – are located in Hill 315. SEE * BELOW FOR INFO ABOUT CHARGES.There is a walkup machine in the corner by the mailboxes for small projects (total of 100 copies or less) for staff, faculty, and eligible graduate students, which you may use yourself for business and course work. Every full-time member of the department, as well as long-term visitors will be provided with a personal user number upon request.
You must log in using your copy code.


Library – The Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library is located on the first floor of Hill Center near the high-rise elevators. It operates under the University Library system and posts its own hours of operation, which may vary on holidays, weekends, exam weeks, etc. No keys are given out for the Library - you must use it during its normal hours of operation! A University picture I.D. card from the RUConnection Office must be shown to the librarian to take books out from any University library.

NOTE: Some journals and other reference materials are not allowed to leave the library. If you need to make a copy, a "Copy Card" is required to operate the library machine. Upon request, Administrator in Hill 334, will issue such cards to you. If she is unavailable please ask the staff members in either Hill 310 or Hill 312 for assistance. Each card is presently worth $5 (or a total of 46 copies). If you plan to do a large article, in excess of 46 pages, be sure to request an additional card. Used up cards should be disposed of. Please, do not leave the card in the library copy machine when you are finished. Anyone can use it to make copies. New faculty/eligible students should request an instruction sheet when getting your first card.

Dates of Interest

For more information on dates relevant to the academic year, please view the following:  Rutgers Academic Calendar

Department Meetings are generally scheduled:  Wednesday 12pm – 1:30pm   OR   Friday 2:00pm – 3:20pm

Notices are sent via e-mail to mailing lists which include eligible faculty. Meetings are also posted on the slat board between Hill 305 and Hill 307 as a reminder to those specific groups.

Tenured Faculty especially are reminded to keep your calendar free for Personnel Committee meetings in September.