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This section sets out procedures to be followed by recitation instructors who are unable to fulfill their assigned duties due to emergencies or other conflicts. This applies to recitation coverage, proctoring, and grading parties. If office hours need to be cancelled it is sufficient to inform the instructor and the students.

As written, this is directed mainly toward our TA's. PTL's will recognize that it applies to their situation with some small variations (in particular, PTL's will rely more heavily on the Undergraduate Office to find appropriate substitutes). 

EMERGENCY ABSENCES (due to illness, etc.)

  1. If possible, find another TA who can cover for you.
  2. Whether or not you find someone to cover for you, send an emai lto
    and cc: to and the course instructor notifying them of your emergency, and what you will miss. Let them know if you have someone to cover for you, and who it is.
  3. If the email is sent less than 24 hours before the planned absence then you should also notify the undergraduate office by phone. Between 8:30 and 4:30 call the office at 848-445-2390.

PLANNED ABSENCES DURING THE TERM (for example, due to attendance at a conference)

If you are going to be absent during the term for a planned reason you should: 

  1. Find another TA (preferably for the same course) who will cover for you (usually you will offer to cover some of their responsibilities in exchange). Such exchanges require approval of the undergraduate office.
  2. Notify the undergraduate office AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the planned absence. It is hoped that you will have found someone to cover for you, but if you haven't, they will attempt to assist you. Send emailto
    cc to, and the course instructor


TAs are expected to assist with proctoring and grading of final exams, and to be available for the scheduled grading parties in coordinated courses. Therefore you should arrange your end-of-term schedule so that you are available at the required times. Occasionally, a TA has a compelling reason to leave campus before their duties are completed (for example, there may be a huge cost difference in international flight costs after a certain date). If you are in this situation, you should follow the same procedure as for planned absences during the term, except that you should normally notify the undergraduate office AT LEAST ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. All such requests are subject to approval by the undergraduate office, but with timely notice they can normally hire adequate replacements.

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For more information on dates relevant to the academic year, please view the following:  Rutgers Academic Calendar

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