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Formerly, the "Undergraduate Instructional Information Index" or "Information for Instructors"

Schedules and Other Instructional Information from the Undergraduate Office:

Information for all instructors in the undergraduate program. For other departmental information, see the departmental information page.


Administrative Matters

  • Contact UGVC if you have no account on math
  • Part Time Lecturers - Retirement plan (2/2009)
  • SAS reports - Includes the reports of the FAS Honors Task Force and the SAS Honors Implementation Committee Report (11/2006)
  • SAS UG Office (doc format) - Contact information for the various services offered (2/2008)
  • Faculty office hours and phone (1/2009)

Program information

Public data about the undergraduate program
Major/Minor reports (SAS)
SAS students with a math major or minor and a GPA of at least 3.0, in Fall 2007.

  • Math (640)
    • Math as 1st Major: 86.
    • Math as 2nd Major: 32.
    • Math as 1st Minor: 137
    • Math as 2nd Minor: 11
  • Biomath (122)
    • Biomath as 1st Major: 10
    • Biomath as 2nd Major: 1

Assessment information

General program information, and the 4-year assessment cycle (2/2008)  --> Program information: Public data about the undergraduate program

  • The Assessment Cycle
  • Beginning in Spring 2008, there is a 4 year assessment cycle
  • Assessment form
  • At CTAAR. Used to report the results of assessments of learning goals.
  • Rubrics used to define assessment criteria.

Internal documents

Math Account Required for Access

  • Draft documents (2/2007)
    1. Learning goals draft
    2. New Course Proposals
    3. Coordinator duties
  •   Dept. Bylaws

Dates of Interest

For more information on dates relevant to the academic year, please view the following:  Rutgers Academic Calendar

Department Meetings are generally scheduled:  Wednesday 12pm – 1:30pm   OR   Friday 2:00pm – 3:20pm

Notices are sent via e-mail to mailing lists which include eligible faculty. Meetings are also posted on the slat board between Hill 305 and Hill 307 as a reminder to those specific groups.

Tenured Faculty especially are reminded to keep your calendar free for Personnel Committee meetings in September.