For Faculty & Staff

Departmental Information

Department Office Hours – The staff offices are generally open between 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. on weekdays only. However, the Graduate Office are usually open during the lunch hour and until 5 p.m. most days, for student support. Staff holidays or other department office closings will be posted in advance on or near the glass board as a reminder, as well as on the math website under "Events & Seminars", click on "Math Calendar". The mail/copy center is open during office hours only; Copying machines shut down at 4:15 p.m.

Computer Account/Email – A computer account is available upon check-in; please ask in Hill 322. Math Department computer labs are located in Hill 531 & 601. Printers can be found in Hill 315, 531, and 601. Access to Hill 531 & 601 is restricted by the Department, and requires an I.D. Card. If you have a problem with any machine, submit a work order, and make sure to provide the room, the machine, and detailed information about the problem.

Once enrolled in the payroll system you can ask staff for an account on the campus-wide server. With this login you can access online class roster and grade submission websites.

Supplies – Only limited supplies are available in the department. Personal supplies should be brought from home, unless you have grant funds to pay for them. SEE * BELOW FOR INFO ABOUT SUPPLY CHARGES.

Coffee Hour – The Department runs a self-supporting daily coffee/tea/cookies hour from 3 – 4 p.m. during the Fall & Spring semesters. It is open to all building faculty and staff who contribute, and is free to all mathematics graduate students. Faculty and staff will receive a notice and request for the contribution at the start of each semester. You are also reminded to contribute extra for visitors you have during the semester. See the staff member in Hill 316 for more details.

Seminars – Math Department seminar notices are posted weekly on the department website, and on the glass board across from the elevators, by the staff member in Hill 318. Outside notices are on the board near Hill 309. Please watch for notices (posted or online) regarding room changes and/or cancellations. Seminar coordinators should schedule a room each semester and submit information for weekly posting online, or to the staff member in Hill 318. There are posting submission deadlines and that information is also available through the staff member in Hill 318.

Colloquium – The Department Colloquium generally meets every Friday during the Fall & Spring semesters from 4 – 5 p.m. in Hill 705. Watch the website for weekly announcements of speakers and/or time changes. Contact the Colloquium Chairs to book a time for a particular speaker.

Meetings – Notices of important department and committee meetings are communicated by email. Also watch the glass board on the 3rd Floor across from the elevators, and/or your mailbox, for reminders.

Notices – For your convenience, bulletin boards have been provided and are kept updated by administration/staff members. You are asked not to add or remove notices, but to place seminar or conference posters/job postings in Alice's mailbox in Hill 315. Graduate student posters should be left in the Graduate Administrator's mailbox in Hill 315 (Katie Guarino).

Paychecks – New faculty do not receive their first paycheck until September, after teaching duties have begun. Payday is every other Friday after the initial check. Dates may change around holidays. Watch the paystubs for important notices on benefits and payroll information. Paystubs are your only record of monies you received. This information is not available from the department.

Checks must be picked up in person during regular office hours - no one may pick up your check for you (including spouse) unless previously authorized by you to us in writing (Hill 334). Direct Deposit, which you should consider if you are not able to pick up your check regularly, is possible for certain eligible employees after you are in the payroll system. Log into my Rutgers portal.

Emergency Numbers

  • For Emergency / Fire / Ambulance, dial 911 from Mathematics Department office phones. For non-emergency University Police calls, dial 2-7211.

  • For Help with Math Office/Building Problems during daytime business Hours, see/call Colette Claiborne in Hill 334 (x5-2393), Mayka Benitez in Hill 307 (x5-4130), or as a last resort, Melissa Lomench in 311 (x5-6980).

  • Chair and Vice-chairs' numbers are on your office hour list. It is highly suggested you keep updated copies in plain sight both in your office and home.


Dates of Interest

For more information on dates relevant to the academic year, please view the following:  Rutgers Academic Calendar

Department Meetings are generally scheduled:  Wednesday 12pm – 1:30pm   OR   Friday 2:00pm – 3:20pm

Notices are sent via e-mail to mailing lists which include eligible faculty. Meetings are also posted on the slat board between Hill 305 and Hill 307 as a reminder to those specific groups.

Tenured Faculty especially are reminded to keep your calendar free for Personnel Committee meetings in September.