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By University regulations, final exams and grade books must be kept for at least one year in case of inquiry. Therefore, you should bundle all finals, mark with semester, course number, your name, etc., and each semester exams are to be sent to R303 U.G. office. Give them to the Undergraduate Office staff in Hill 303. For much more information, see the UNDERGRADUATE INSTRUCTION INFORMATION web page. 


Office hour lists and teaching schedules are prepared as early as possible in the semester and posted on the dept website. The undergraduate and graduate teaching schedules are posted on the math website.

Room Reservations

Please note that all classrooms, seminar rooms, & conference rooms must be scheduled by class period (see above). In the event that you need to reserve a room for additional class time, a special exam, office hours, a meeting, or seminars, please come prepared to let us know day preferred, class period, campus, and how many people you wish to accommodate. You may check the current room reservations here.

  • For Lounge/Colloquium Room (Hill 703, 705), and Seminar Rooms (Hill 423, 425, 525) - see a staff member in Hill 318 (Alice Leonhardt).
  • For courses - see either the Graduate Secretary in Hill 306 (Katie Guarino) or the Undergraduate Secretary in Hill 303.

NOTE: Department rooms scheduled for the semester, for both classes and seminars, are only held through the last regular day of classes. Rooms must be rescheduled for extra sessions, final exams, makeup times, etc. to avoid scheduling conflicts!

Overhead Projectors

Machines are available on a first-come first-served basis in 317. There is a sign out/in sheet for borrowing equipment. Extension cords are recommended since the cord in the machine is not long enough to reach plugs in most seminar rooms. Cords and machines should be returned immediately after use. If the offices are closed, lock the machine in your office; do not leave it unattended in the seminar room. Return cord to the box; do not leave it attached and try to squeeze it inside the machine. You are asked to carefully handle this equipment, as the mirrored plates scratch easily, and repairs are expensive and take time. Notify the secretary in the event of a blown bulb or a problem so she can have the machine serviced before the next user. If no one is around, tape a problem note to the machine when you sign it back in.

Staggered Class Schedule

The scheduling office has a table of standard class meeting periods (varying by campus) together with standard class period combinations.

Dates of Interest

For more information on dates relevant to the academic year, please view the following:  Rutgers Academic Calendar

Department Meetings are generally scheduled:  Wednesday 12pm – 1:30pm   OR   Friday 2:00pm – 3:20pm

Notices are sent via e-mail to mailing lists which include eligible faculty. Meetings are also posted on the slat board between Hill 305 and Hill 307 as a reminder to those specific groups.

Tenured Faculty especially are reminded to keep your calendar free for Personnel Committee meetings in September.