For Faculty & Staff

Official Duties

Recitation instructors should conduct their classes according to the directions of the lecturer in charge of their course. Recitation instructors are required: 

  • To attend the announced course orientation at the beginning of the semester, if requested to do so by the lecturer or course coordinator, and to discuss with the course lecturer, before the first class, how the course will be run.
  • To conduct their classes for the full amount of scheduled time--either 55 minutes or 80 minutes, depending on the course--during each week of the term, including the first week, even if the first recitation comes before the first lecture;
  • To prepare assigned homework problems in advance of recitation;
  • During recitation,
    • To discuss assigned problems and answer other student questions;
    • To assign and collect homework, and/or administer quizzes, at the direction of the lecturer;
    • To maintain attendance records, if requested to do so by the lecturer.
    • In certain courses, to conduct workshops--that is, supervise group work by students on special problems;
  • To assist with proctoring and grading, by:
    • Grading weekly quizzes, homework, and/or workshop problems at the direction of the lecturer, and keeping systematic records of the grades;
    • Helping to proctor midterm and final exams;
    • Assisting the lecturer to grade midterm exams;
    • Assisting in grading finals; this may, depending on the course, involve assisting the lecturer directly, or participating in an all-day common grading session held after the common mathematics finals;
  • To hold office hours for at least 80 minutes (more if teaching more than three recitations and student demand warrants) at established times each week.
  • To conduct the student evaluations (Student Instructional Rating Survey) near the end of the term.

Please note also:

  • A major purpose of a recitation is to go over homework problems, so that much of the discussion is usually student driven. However, if students do not come forward with enough questions, the recitation instructor should choose and present additional homework problems, and/or review material in other ways, to make up a full-length class.
  • If the first recitation of the semester meets before the first lecture, the recitation can be used to review material from prerequisite math classes. The recitation instructor should discuss with the lecturer what material to treat.
  • A recitation instructor who is unable to meet a class for any reason, including illness, must inform the Undergraduate Mathematics Office as soon as possible. The students need all the instruction they can get, and we do not cancel recitations (or lectures). For more details on how to deal with conflicts (including emergencies) interfering with any of your responsibilities, see this important document


Dates of Interest

For more information on dates relevant to the academic year, please view the following:  Rutgers Academic Calendar

Department Meetings are generally scheduled:  Wednesday 12pm – 1:30pm   OR   Friday 2:00pm – 3:20pm

Notices are sent via e-mail to mailing lists which include eligible faculty. Meetings are also posted on the slat board between Hill 305 and Hill 307 as a reminder to those specific groups.

Tenured Faculty especially are reminded to keep your calendar free for Personnel Committee meetings in September.