640:135 - Calculus I

640:135 - Calculus I

Updated Plan for Online Instruction due to COVID-19

Math 135 provides an introduction to calculus. It is taken primarily by students interested in the biological sciences, business, economics, or pharmacy. Math 135 may be followed by Math 136. There is another calculus sequence, Math 151-152-251, which is taken by students in the mathematical and physical sciences, engineering, and computer science.

Important Department Policies & Recommendations

  • Although it is possible to take Math 152 after Math 135, this is not a recommended sequence.
  • Students who may need to take Math 152 or Math 251 should take Math 151 instead of Math 135.
  • Math 136 does not satisfy the prerequisite for Math 251. 
    If you will need Math 251 at all, you must take Math 152, whose recommended prerequisite is Math 151. Hence if you will need Math 251, you are strongly recommended to take Math 151 instead of Math 135.
  • Students will no longer be routinely granted special permission to attempt Calculus I (Math 135 or Math 151) for a third time. 
    Such requests will routinely be denied, and a student who wishes to take Calculus I for a third time must demonstrate that there was a compelling excuse for at least one of their two F's.
  • The School of Engineering does not accept Math 135 for CALC1 credit. Engineering students must take Math 151.

Important: All students in Math 135 must take the RU Ready Test. Full details can be found in the FAQ:

Course Materials

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