Honors Courses for Undergraduates

The mathematics department offers some courses that are designated as honors level. Also, for some standard courses there are special honors sections. Honors courses and sections are intended for students who have sufficient preparation and interest to go beyond the normal curriculum. Some of these courses fulfill requirements for various honors programs.


  • Honors sections of Math for Liberal Arts 103

    . The content of this course varies from year to year, and is significantly different from that of the other sections of 103, but the prerequisites are the same. In Fall 2014 the course is subtitled "Mathematics as a Creative Art", and more detailed information is available on the 103H course page. Admission is restricted to general honors students. The course is not suitable for math majors or other students taking advanced mathematics.

  • Honors courses and sections in CALC1-CALC4

    The standard calculus sequence for students interested in mathematics, science, or engineering consists of the four courses 151, 152, 251, and 252 or 244. During most semesters, there are one or more honors (H) sections of some of these courses. In addition, the sequence 192, 291, 292 is an alternative honors sequence to 152, 251, 252, that are aimed at a somewhat higher level than the H sequence.

    Admission to these sections is normally done by invitation. Invitations are made to those students whose academic performance in mathematics indicates that they are prepared for an honors section. In unusual cases, a student who did not get an invitation may be admitted to honors calculus. Students who wish to be considered for admission should apply for special permission.

  • Honors courses and sections at the 300 and 400 levels

    All of the courses below require special permission through the department of mathematics.

Entry to most honors courses and honors sections requires special permission.