SAS Teaching Awards

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Spring 2016

Matthew Russell (teaching assistant)

Spring 2015

Alice Seneres and Kellen Myers

Spring 2013

Melissa Lieberman

Spring 2009

Lew Hirsch and Andrew Baxter

  • Lew Hirsch: for outstanding service as director of the large and complex Basic Skills and Precalculus Course in the Department of Mathematics.
  • Andrew Baxter: For outstanding teaching in a variety of courses for both majors and non-majors, contributions to the use of technology in the classroom, and oversight of instruction in the Summer

Spring 2008

Michael Weingart and Paul Raff

  • Michael Weingart: for exceptionally effective teaching at all levels, and oversight of instruction in the Math for Liberal Arts course.
  • Paul Raff: for his combining his computing expertise and his teaching skills to enhance his own teaching and to support the level of instruction in our Calculus I for Liberal Arts Course and its Webwork System.

Spring 2007

Janos Komlos and Lara Pudwell

  • Janos Komlos (faculty): for his development of the Mathematics Honors Track and his work with the Summer REU program
  • Lara Pudwell (teaching assistant): for her work as Head TA, and in particular her work related to the use of Maple in our calculus sequence.

Spring 2001

Amy Stern (teaching assistant)

Spring 2000

Roe Goodman (faculty)

Graduate teaching awards

Departmental Teaching Awards