Teacher Training Seminar

Satisfactory completion of the teacher training seminar during the Spring semester of the first year. While not required for the Ph.D., it is required for appointment to a TA position after the first year of studies.

The Mathematics graduate program offers a TA training seminar every spring semester. This seminar involves about 8 hours of participation from the student, and normally ends with the student conducting a practice recitation section which is videotaped and critiqued by an experienced teacher.

Normally every first year Ph.D. student participates in this seminar. Participation in this seminar is required in order to be supported as a TA after the first year.

Graduate students in other graduate programs in the mathematical sciences may participate. The mathematics department sometimes employs teaching assistants from other departments, or hires students to work as Visiting Part-time lectures. Successful participation in the training program may be required as a condition of such employment.

Signups and scheduling of the seminar are held sometime between mid-November and mid-January; contact the graduate program secretary for details.

The TA training coordinator for 2007-2017 has been Professor Terry Butler.