Ph.D. Recipients, 1950 - Present

Mathematics Graduate Program

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Information about past Rutgers MSc. recipients can be found here.

Pre-history: Rutgers created a postgraduate study program in 1870, in order to award a certificate to people who took an extra undergraduate course after graduation. Graduate courses formally appeared in 1876. While taking such courses, graduate students were often appointed as a "Tutor in Mathematics"; this was the forerunner of the modern Teaching Assistant. About 10 people received a Masters degree in Mathematics during the era 1870-1906. When the Mathematics department was formally organized in 1906, it stopped admitting graduate students.

The first MSc degrees in Mathematics were awarded to James Barton (BSc 1871; Tutor 1873-74; MSc 1874) and Albert S. Cook (BSc 1872; Tutor 1872-73; MSc 1875). Other masters degrees were awarded to men who went on to become professors at Rutgers: Alfred Titsworth (MSc 1880); Robert Prentiss (MSc 1881); William Breazeale (MSc 1895); and Richard Morris (MSc 1902). The Mathematics Department had other graduate students of this type in the 1890's including: DeWitt, Scattergood (MSc 1997), VanDyck Jr. (AM 1899).

In 1929, a new Masters degree in Mathematics was created, requiring 8 courses and a written thesis. The first such degree was awarded in 1930 to Charles Eason. The first woman to receive a M.Sc. degree in Math was Eveline Stevens in 1934 (NJC '32). !-- Ruth Berkow in 1936. --> Professors Brasefield and Starke were the advisors for most of these students; their Masters theses may be inspected in Rutgers' Math Library. There were 9 MSc degrees granted during the 1930's, and 50 MSc degrees granted during 1940-1959.

The modern era: Although the Rutgers doctoral program was created in 1882, and the first PhD awarded in 1884, a doctoral program in mathematics was not organized at Rutgers until 1947. The first Ph.D. in Mathematics at Rutgers was awarded in 1951, to George Cherlin (Rutgers College '47, MSc '49). A total of 7 Ph.D.s were awarded before 1961, when the modern era began at Rutgers. Under Ken Wolfson (chair 1961-1975) the graduate program in mathematics gradually built up to a steady graduation rate of 13 doctorates per year in the mid-1970's. It later shrank in the 1980's and then expanded again in the 1990's, reaching a high of 19 doctorates in 1995. With the economic downturn in the mid-1990's, fewer students were accepted into the program, with the delayed effect that the number of doctorates has shrunk since 2000.


Number of doctorates per decade: 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's
5 41 107 75 138 93 127  

 Rutgers Math Phd's 1951-Present

 NameGraduatedAdvisorFirst job after RU
2020-present:12 Ph.D's TOP
  Kenneth Alex Dowling Jan 2024 Konstantin Mischaikow  
  Victoria Chayes Oct 2023 Eric Carlen, Michael Kiessling ICR, Inc., Aurora, CO
  George Hauser Oct 2023 Stephen Miller  
  Cesar Ramirez Ibanez Oct 2023 Joel Lebowitz, Eric Carlen  
  Blair Seidler Oct 2023 Doron Zeilberger Fair Lawn High School, Fair Lawn, NJ
  Tamar Blanks May 2023 Daniel Krashen Fordham University, New York, NY
  Yael Davidov May 2023 Daniel Krashen University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  Louis Gaudet May 2023 Henryk Iwaniec University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  Surya Teja Gavva May 2023 Karthik Srikanta CUNY, New York
  James Holland May 2023 Grigor Sargsyan Epic Systems, Hosting Division, Verona, WI
  Doyon Kim May 2023 Stephen Miller Mathematical Inst of Univ of Bonn, Germany
  Doanh The Pham May 2023 Yanyan Li  
  Xiaoxu Wu May 2023 Avy Soffer Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
  Corrine Yap May 2023 Bhargav Narayanan Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
  Takehiko Gappo Oct  2022 Grigor Sargsyan TU Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  Andy Huynh Oct  2022 Hongbin Sun  
  Edna Jones Oct 2022 Alex Kontorovich Duke University, Durham, NC
  Rory Martin-Hagemeyer Oct 2022 Natasa Sesum University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA
  Weihong Xu Oct 2022 Anders Buch Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  Xindi Zhang Oct 2022 Chris Woodward DIA Associates, New York, NY
  Vernon Chan May 2022 Borisov, Lev  
  Parker Hund May 2022 Michael Kiessling Raytheon, Missile and Defense, Tucson, AZ
  Alexander Karlovitz May 2022 Alex Kontorovich Lockheed Martin Space, King of Prussia, PA
  Heejin Lee May 2022 Fioralba Cakoni Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  Jason Saied May 2022 Siddhartha Sahi KBR, Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA
  Jikang Wang May 2022 Xiaochun Rong Fields Institute, Toronto, Ontario
  Yuxuan Yang May 2022 Jozsef Beck  
  Zhu, Xiaoping May 2022 Feng Luo Stony Brook University, NY
  Matthew Hohertz Jan 2022 Paul Feehan  
  Jeaheang Bang May  2021 Yanyan Li University of Texas at San Antonio
  Marco Castronovo May 2021 Chris Woodward Columbia University, NY
  Xiao Chen May 2021 Kasper Larsen  
  Han Lu May 2021 Yanyan LI University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  Brooke Ogrodnik May 2021 Alex Kontorovich Metron, Inc., Reston, VA
  Zhuolun Yang May 2021  Yanyan Li Brown University, Providence, RI
  Eric deAmorim Jan 2021 Michael Kiessling/Shadi Abdoire Tahvildar-Zadeh Universität zu Köln, Cologne, Germany
  John Chiarelli Oct 2020 Michael Saks AoPs Academy Princeton, NJ
  Keith Frankston Oct 2020 Jeffry Kahn Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  Saurabh Gosavi Oct 2020 Daniel Krashen Bar Ilan University, Israel
  Mingjia Yang Oct 2020 Doron Zeilberger  
  Lun Zhang Oct 2020 Konstantin Mischaikow Kyoto University, Japan
  Yonah Biers-Ariel May 2020 Doron Zeilberger Jane Street Capital, NY
  Xin Fu May 2020 Jian Song University of California, Irvine, CA
  Jinyoung Park May 2020 Jeffry Kahn Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ
  Justin Semonsen May 2020 Swastik Kopparty Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA
  Chloe Wawrzyniak May 2020 Xiaojun Huang University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  Chengxi Wang May 2020 Lev Borisov University of California, Los Angeles, CA
  Yukun Yao May 2020 Doron Zeilberger Goldman Sachs, NY
2015-2019: 69 Ph.D's TOP
  Kelly Spendlove Oct 2019 Konstantin Mischaikow University of Oxford, Mathematical Institute,Oxford, England
  Michael Breeling May 2019 Avy Soffer University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Matthew Charnley May 2019 Michael Vogelius Rutgers University, NJ
  Joel Clingempeel May 2019 Gregory Moore  Google, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
  William Cole Franks May 2019 Michael Saks Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
  Alejandro Ginory May 2019 Siddhartha Sahi University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  Abigail Raz May 2019 Jeffry Kahn University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
  Daniel Scheinerman May 2019 Swastik Kopparty Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  Matthew Welsh May 2019 Henryk Iwaniec University of Bristol, England
  Rebecca Coulson Jan 2019 Gregory Cherlin United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
  Johannes Flake Oct 2018 Siddhartha Sahi Lehrstulh B fur Mathematik, Germany
  Katie McKeon Oct 2018 Alex Kontorovich Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  Sijian Tang Oct 2018 Michael Saks Facebook, Inc., Seattle, WA
  Zhuohui Zhang Oct 2018 Stephen Miller Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
  Semen Artamonov May 2018 Vladimir Retakh University of California, Berkeley, CA
  Samuel Braunfeld May 2018 Gregory Cherlin University, of Maryland, MD
  Hanlong Fang May 2018 Xiaojun Huang University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
  Bryan Ek May 2018 Doron Zeilberger Space & Naval Warfare, Hanahan, SC
  Jonathan Jaquette May 2018 Konstantin Mischaikow Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, CA
  Andrew Lohr May 2018 Doron Zeilberger Microsoft, WA
  Jiayin Pan May 2018 Xiaochun Rong University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
  Fei Qi May 2018 Yi-Zhi Huang Yale University, New Haven, CT 
  Anthony Zaleski May 2018 Doron Zeilberger  
  Ruofan Yan Jan 2018 Paul Feehan Asset Management, NY

Edmund Karasiewicz

Oct 2017 Stephen Miller University of California, Santa Cruz, CA
  Douglas Schultz Oct 2017 Chris Woodward Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  Thomas Sznigir Oct 2017 M.Vogelius/H.Brezis Applied Research Associates, Inc., Raleigh, NC
  Ross Berkowitz May 2017 Swastik Kopparty

Yale University, CT

  Sjuvon Chung May 2017 Anders Buch Ohio State University, OH
  Patrick Devlin May 2017 Jeffry Kahn Yale University, CT
  Michael Donders May 2017 Jozsef Beck Jane Street Capital, NY
  Nathan Fox May 2017 Doron Zeilberger The College of Wooster, Ohio
  Siao-Hao Guo May 2017 Natasa Sesum Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  Rachel Levanger May 2017 Konstantin Michaikow University of Pennsylvania, PA
  Pedro Pontes May 2017 Henryk Iwaniec Bloomberg, NY
  Liming Sun May 2017 YanYan Li Johns Hopkins University, MD
  Charles Wolf May 2017 Shubhangi Saraf Ben Gurion University, Israel
  Xukai Yan May 2017 YanYan Li Georgia Tech, GA
  Jacob Baron Oct 2016 Jeffry Kahn Department of Defense
  Timothy Naumovitz Oct 2016 Michael Saks Google, Inc., Mountainview, CA
  Bence Borda May 2016 Jozsef Beck  
  Bud Coulson May 2016 James Lepowsky Rutgers University, NJ
  Charles Wes Cowan May 2016 Michael Katehakis Rutgers University, NJ
  Brian Garnett May 2016 Swastik Kopparty Rutgers University, NJ
  Burak Kaya May 2016 Simon Thomas Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  John Kim May 2016 Swastik Kopparty Virtu Financial, NYC
  Howard Nuer May 2016 Lev Borisov Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  Matthew Russell May 2016 V. Retakh/D. Zeilberger Rutgers University, NJ
  Francis Seuffert May 2016 Eric Carlen University of Pennsylvania
  Nathaniel Shar May 2016 Doron Zeilberger Google, Inc., CA
  Tien Trinh May 2016 Stephen Miller University of Colorado Boulder, CO
  Glen Wilson May 2016 Charles Weibel University of Oslo, Norway
  Jianguo Xiao May 2016 Avy Soffer Quantitative Strategies at PeerIQ, NY
  Edward Chien Oct 2015 Feng Luo Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  Manuel Larenas Oct 2015 Avy Soffer JRI Ingenieria Consulting Firm, Chile
  Zahra Aminzare May 2015 Eduardo Sontag Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  Francesco Fiordalisi May 2015 Yi-Zhi Huang/
James Lepowsky
Bloomberg LP, Princeton, NJ
  Bin Guo May 2015 Jian Song Columbia University, New York, NY
  Simao Herdade May 2015 Endre Szemeredi Clarifai, Inc., NY
  Moulik Kallupalam Balasubramanian May 2015 Shadi Abdoire
Rutgers University, NJ
  Shashank Kanade May 2015 James Lepowsky University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada
  Vladimir Lubyshev May 2015 Paul Feehan Cubist Systematic Strategies, LLC, NY
  John Miller May 2015 Henryk Iwaniec John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  Kellen Myers May 2015 Doron Zeilberger Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY
  Ming Xiao May 2015 Xiaojun Huang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Justin Bush Jan 2015 Konstantin Mischaikow Palantir Technologies, Inc. NY
  Jaret Flores Jan 2015 Charles Weibel GIS Workshop, Inc., Lincoln, NE
  Justin Gilmer Jan 2015 Michael Saks Bloomberg LP, NY
  Thomas Tyrrell Jan 2015 Jerrold Tunnell Infosys, Basking Ridge, NJ

2010-2014: 58 Ph.D.'s

  James Dibble Oct 2014 Xiaochun Rong Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
  Jorge Cantillo Oct 2014 Henryk Iwaniec Assurant Solutions, Miami, FL
Marcondes de Freitas
Oct 2014 Eduardo Sontag University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  Aaron Hamm Oct 2014 Jeffry Kahn Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC
  Debajyoti Nandi Oct 2014 Robert Wilson Chennai Mathematical Institute, India
  Kathleen Crow Craig May 2014 Eric Carlen UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  Ved Datar May 2014 Jian Song University of Notre Dame, IN
  Knight Fu May 2014 Charles Weibel MediaMath, Boston, MA
  Zhan Li May 2014 Lev Borisov John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  Robert McRae May 2014 James Lepowsky Beijing Int'l. Center for Math Research, China
  Yusra Naqvi May 2014 Siddhartha Sahi Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
  Eduardo Osorio Triana May 2014 Paul Feehan Bloomberg LP, NY
  Christopher Sadowski May 2014 Lepowsky / YZ Huang Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA
  Matthew Samuel May 2014 Anders Buch Prudential Investment Management
  Jinwei Yang May 2014 Lepowsky / YZ Huang University of Notre Dame, IN
  Hui Wang Jan 2014 Haim Brezis JP Morgan, NY
  Brandon Bate Oct 2013 Stephen Miller Tel Aviv University (Israel)
  Susovan Pal Oct 2013 Feng Luo / Jun Hu University of Paris 11
  Vijay Ravikumar Oct 2013 Anders Buch Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (India)
  Yu Wang Oct 2013 Michael Kiessling  
  David Duncan May 2013 Chris Woodward Michigan State University
  Susan Durst May 2013 Robert Wilson University of Arizona
  Ali Maalaoui May 2013 Abbas Bahri Universitat Basel (Switzerland)
  Brian Nakamura May 2013 Doron Zeilberger CCICADA
  Priyam Patel May 2013 Feng Luo Purdue University
  Ke Wang May 2013 Van Vu IMA (University of Minnesota)
  Yunpeng Wang May 2013 YanYan Li AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing)
  Tian Yang May 2013 Feng Luo Stanford University
  Hernan Castro Oct 2012 H. Brezis Universidad De Talga
  Robert DeMarco Oct 2012 J. Kahn CCICADA
  Vidit Nanda Oct 2012 K. Mischaikow University of Pennsylvania
  Catherine Pfaff Oct 2012 L. Mosher Laboratory Analysis of Topology and Probabilities, Aix Marseille Universite/CNRS
  Susmita Venugopalan Oct 2012 C. Woodward Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  John Bryk May 2012 J. Tunnell John Jay College (CUNY)
  Tianling Jin May 2012 Y. Li University of Chicago
  Elizabeth Kupin May 2012 J. Beck NSA
  Camelia Pop May 2012 P. Feehan University of Pennsylvania
  Nicholas Trainor May 2012 M. Vogelius Numerix LLC (NYC)
  Jay Williams May 2012 S. Thomas California Institute of Technology
  V.S. Padmini Mukkamala October 2011 J. Pack and M. Szegedy McDaniel college, Hungary; then IIT, India
  Amit Priyadarshi October 2011 R. Nussbaum Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  Andrew Baxter May 2011 D. Zeilberger Penn State University
  Gabriel Bouch May 2011 E. Carlen Freedom Church, Philadelphia
  Emilie Hogan May 2011 D. Zeilberger Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  Brent Young May 2011 M. Kiessling Rutgers University; Cologne University (Germany)
  Linh Tran Jan 2011 V. Vu University of Washington
  Nan Li Oct 2010 X. Rong University of Notre Dame
  Jin Wang Oct 2010 P. Feehan Ernst & Young LLP
  Yuan Yuan Oct 2010 X. Huang John Hopkins University
  Sara Blight May 2010 H. Iwaniec National Security Agency at Fort Meade
  Goran Djankovic May 2010 H. Iwaniec Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Liviu Ilinca May 2010 J. Kahn Indiana University
  Hoi Nguyen May 2010 V. Vu University of Pennsylvania
  Wesley Pegden May 2010 J. Beck NYU (Courant Institute), NSF Postdoc
  Daniel Staley May 2010 S. Ferry Yodle, Inc.
  Paul Ellis Jan 2010 S. Thomas University of Connecticut
  Jawon Koo Jan 2010 P. Feehan South Korea
  Ming Shi Jan 2010 P. Feehan Ernst & Young LLP

2005-2009: 50 Ph.D.'s

  Ila Leigh Cobbs Oct 2009 L. Carbone Lebanon Valley College
  Paul Raff Oct 2009 D. Zeilberger Rutgers University
  Reza Rezazadegan Oct 2009 C. Woodward Aarhus University
  Thomas Robinson Oct 2009 J. Lepowsky Rutgers University
  Scott Schneider Oct 2009 S. Thomas Wesleyan University
  Biao Yin Oct 2009 Y. Li University of Connecticut
  Yuan Zhang Oct 2009 X. Huang UCSD
  Philip M. Wood May 2009 V. Vu NSF Postdoc, UCLA, then Stanford University
  Eric Rowland May 2009 D. Zeilberger Tulane University
  Luc Nguyen May 2009 Y. Li Univ. of Oxford
  Michael Neiman May 2009 J. Kahn Univ. of California
  Ian Levitt May 2009 E. Szemeredi Federal Aviation Administration
  Liming Wang Oct. 2008 E. Sontag U.C. Irvine
  Sikimeti Ma'u Oct. 2008 C. Woodward Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda Oct. 2008 D. Zeilberger Dickinson College
  Ellen (Shiting) Bao May 2008 Y. Li University of Minnesota
  Sam Coskey May 2008 S. Thomas CUNY
  Colleen Duffy May 2008 R. Wilson U. Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  Ren Guo May 2008 F. Luo University of Minnesota
  Lara Pudwell May 2008 D. Zeilberger Valparaiso University
  Jared Speck May 2008 M. Kiessling/S. Tahvildar-Zadeh Princeton University
  Chris Stucchio Jan. 2008 A. Soffer Courant Institute (NSF postdoc)
  Derek Hansen Jan. 2008 M. Vogelius Rice University
  Kevin Costello Oct. 2007 V. Vu Institute for Advanced Study
  Benjamin Kennedy Oct. 2007 R. Nussbaum Gettysburg College
  Brian Lins Oct. 2007 R. Nussbaum Dickinson College
  Sujith Vijay May 2007 J. Beck Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Michael Weingart May 2007 F. Knop Rutgers-New Brunswick
  Haoyuan Xu May 2007 Y. Li Univ. of Connecticut
  Corina Calinescu Oct. 2006 J. Lepowsky Ohio State Univ.
  William Cuckler Oct. 2006 J. Kahn Univ. of Delaware
  Thuy Pham Oct. 2006 W. Vasconcelos Univ. of Toronto
  Moa Apagodu May 2006 D. Zeilberger Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
  Satadal Ganguly May 2006 H. Iwaniec Inst. of Mathematical Sciences, India
  Roman Holowinsky May 2006 H. Iwaniec The Inst. for Advanced Study
  Qinian Jin May 2006 Y. Li Univ. of Texas
  Rich Mikula May 2006 Y. Li William Paterson Univ.
  Vincent Vatter Jan. 2006 D. Zeilberger Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland
  German Enciso Oct. 2005 E. Sontag Math Biology Inst., Ohio State Univ.
  Liang Kong Oct. 2005 Y.-Z. Huang Max Planck Inst. & IHES (Bures)
  David Nacin Oct. 2005 R. Wilson William Paterson Univ.
  Sasa Radomirovic Oct. 2005 J. Tunnell Univ. of Trondheim, Norway
  Nick Weininger Oct. 2005 J. Kahn Google Inc, Mountain View
  Kia Dalili May 2005 W. Vasconcelos Dalhousie Univ.
  Aaron Lauve May 2005 V. Retakh Univ. of Quebec, Montreal
  Kai Medville May 2005 M. Vogelius Inst. for Math. and its Applications, Minneapolis
  Augusto Ponce May 2005 H. Brezis Inst. for Advanced Study & Univ. of Paris
  Yongzhong Xu May 2005 A. Bahri NYU (Courant Inst.)
  Laura Ciobanu Jan. 2005 C. Sims CRM Barcelona
  Eva Curry Jan. 2005 R. Gundy Dalhousie Univ.

2000-2004: 43 Ph.D.'s

  Pieter Blue Oct. 2004 A. Soffer Univ. of Toronto
  Jeff Burdges Oct. 2004 G. Cherlin Univ. Wurzburg, Germany
  Raju Chelluri Oct. 2004 H. Iwaniec Deceased
  Stephen Hartke Oct. 2004 F. Roberts Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  Xiaoqing Li Oct. 2004 H. Iwaniec Columbia Univ.
  Alfredo Rios Oct. 2004 R. Gundy Lehigh Univ.
  Eric Sundberg Oct. 2004 J. Beck Whittier College
  Klay Kruczek May 2004 J. Beck Univ. of Western Oregon
  Aobing Li May 2004 Y. Li Inst. for Advanced Study and Univ. of Wisconsin
  XiaoYong Li May 2004 L. Shepp Industry (Contract Research Org)
  Waldeck Schutzer May 2004 S. Sahi U. Federal de Sao Carlos, Brazil
  Matt Young May 2004 H. Iwaniec American Inst. of Mathematics and Stanford Univ.
  Lin Zhang May 2004 J. Lepowsky Industry
  Carlo Mazza Jan. 2004 C. Weibel Univ. of Paris
  Rodney Biezuner Oct. 2003 Y. Li U. Minas-Gervais/Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  David Radnell Oct. 2003 Y.-Z. Huang Univ. of Michigan
  Malka Rosenthal Oct. 2003 M. Saks Iona College
  James Taylor Oct. 2003 S. Goldstein Iowa State Univ.
  Yuka Taylor Oct. 2003 C. Woodward George Washington Univ.
  Madalena Chaves May 2003 E. Sontag RU/Industry
  Jooyoun Hong May 2003 W. Vasconcelos Purdue Univ.
  Liangyi Zhao May 2003 H. Iwaniec U.S. Military Academy (West Point)
  Louis Dupaigne Jan. 2003 H. Brezis Univ. of Paris VI
  Xiaodong Sun Jan. 2003 M. Saks Inst. for Advanced Study
  David Galvin Oct. 2002 J. Kahn Microsoft Corp., Seattle
  Takao Sakuraba May 2002 G. Goldin Rutgers
  Juan Davila Jan. 2002 H. Brezis Univ. de Santiago, Chile
  Brian Ingalls Oct. 2001 E. Sontag Waterloo Univ.
  Antun Milas Oct. 2001 J. Lepowsky Univ. of Arizona
  Yi Zhao Oct. 2001 E. Szemeredi Univ. of Illinois (Chicago)
  Bernardo Abrego May 2001 J. Beck California State-Northridge
  Silvia Fernandez May 2001 J. Beck California State-Northridge
  Maurice Hasson May 2001 R. Gundy Univ. of Arizona
  Cliff Smyth May 2001 M. Saks Carnegie Mellon and Inst. for Advanced Study
  Darko Volkov May 2001 M. Vogelius NJIT
  Steve Warner May 2001 S. Thomas Penn. State, Reading
  Lei Zhang May 2001 Y. Li Texas A&M
  Paul Dreyer Oct. 2000 F. Roberts Rand Corp.
  Ryan Martin Oct. 2000 E. Szemeredi Carnegie Mellon Univ.
  John Nahay May 2000 R. Cohn Monmouth Univ.
  Misha Krichman Jan. 2000 E. Sontag UCLA (Mech. Eng'g.)
  Yi Liu Jan. 2000 F. Luo Rutgers
  Michael Malisoff Jan. 2000 H. Sussmann Washington Univ. (St. Louis)

1995-1999: 72 Ph.D.'s


  Dov Chelst Oct. 1999 J. Lebowitz DeVry Inst.
  Terri Girardi Oct. 1999 J. Tunnell Fordham Univ.
  Xin Guo Oct. 1999 L. Shepp Univ. of Alberta/IBM (Financial Statistics)
  Pirkko Kuusela Oct. 1999 D. Ocone Industry (Finland)
  Marco Lenci Oct. 1999 J. Lebowitz SUNY Stony Brook
  Paul O'Donnell Oct. 1999 J. Komlos Drew Univ.
  Sara Soffer Oct. 1999 J. Komlos Princeton HS
  Yang Yu Oct. 1999 J. Kahn Cal Tech
  Garikai Campbell Jan. 1999 J. Tunnell Swarthmore College
  A. Kazarnovskii Krol Jan. 1999 I. Gelfand Yale Univ.
  Harri Ojanen Jan. 1999 R. Wheeden Lumeo Software,Inc. Finland
  Senchun Lin Oct. 1998 T. Weinstein Industry (software)
  Jason Yuenger Oct. 1998 J. Taylor J. P. Morgan Stanley (Finance)
  Rita Csákány May 1998 J. Kahn Technical Univ. of Budapest, Hungary
  Rick Desper May 1998 M. Farach National Insitutes of Health
  Tor Gunston May 1998 W. Vasconcelos EDS (Morris Plains, NJ)
  Carol Hamer May 1998 J. Tunnell Airial Conseil, France
  Emanuel Kowalski May 1998 H. Iwaniec Princeton Univ./Inst. for Advanced Study
  Luca Mauri May 1998 M. Tierney Univ. of Como, Italy
  Li Sheng (OR) May 1998 F. Roberts Drexel Univ.
  Tong Tu May 1998 R. Falk Bloomberg (Financial Services Industry)
  Shaoji Xu (OR) May 1998 F. Roberts Bell Labs
  Amine Asselah Oct. 1997 J. Lebowitz ETH Zurich
  Rodica Costin Oct. 1997 M. Kruskal Mathematical Sciences Research Inst.
  Luke Higgins Oct. 1997 T. Weinstein Brigham Young Univ., Salt Lake City
  Dan Kling Oct. 1997 F. Luo Rutgers-IEEE project
  Wanglai Li Oct. 1997 J. Lepowsky / R. Wilson Telecommunications industry
  Richard Ng Oct. 1997 E. Taft Univ. of California-Santa Cruz
  Dan Radulescu Oct. 1997 J. Lebowitz Industry
  Luisa R. Doering May 1997 W. Vasconcelos Univ. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  Donna Fengya May 1997 M. Vogelius James Madison Univ.
  Dave Reimer May 1997 J. Beck IAS/Trenton State
  Arpad Toth May 1997 W. Duke U. Michigan
  Han Zuhong May 1997 F. Treves Finance industry
  Y. Chitour Jan. 1997 H. Sussmann Univ. of Pisa, Italy
  Raika Dehy Jan. 1997 O. Mathieu Univ. of Strasbourg, France (ATER)
  Yi Zhang Jan. 1997 S. Thomas Univ. Michigan
  Katrina Barron Oct. 1996 J. Lepowsky / Y.-Z. Huang Univ. of California-Santa Cruz
  Galin Georgiev Oct. 1996 J. Lepowsky Inst. for Advanced Study
  M. Losada Oct. 1996 S. Thomas Antonio Narino Univ. (Colombia)
  Gretchen Ostheimer Oct. 1996 C. Sims Tufts Univ.
  Aleksandar Pekec Oct. 1996 F. Roberts BRICS, Denmark
  Rosane Ushirobira Oct. 1996 O. Mathieu Univ. of Strasbourg, France (ATER)
  Meijun Zhu Oct. 1996 Y. Li U British Columbia
  Dave Anderson May 1996 J. Taylor West Point / ARL
  Jim Bennett May 1996 S. Thomas Std.Commercial Lines
  Tom Bohman May 1996 J. Kahn MIT/MSRI then Carnegie Mellon U.
  M.J. Kelley May 1996 J. Taylor Texas A&M
  Naomi Klarreich May 1996 T. Weinstein Case Western Reserve Univ.
  Eddie Lo May 1996 C. Sims NSA
  Shari Moskow May 1996 M. Vogelius Inst. for Math. and its Applications (Minneapolis)
  John Shareshian May 1996 R. Lyons Mathematical Sciences Research Inst. (Berkeley)
  J-Y Patrick Tai May 1996 P. Landweber Dartmouth
  Yansong Chen Oct. 1995 A. Bahri  
  Ovidiu Costin Oct. 1995 J. Lebowitz / M. Kruskal
  Jason Jones Oct. 1995 C. Weibel  
  Andrew Leahy Oct. 1995 F. Knop  
  Martin Strauss Oct. 1995 E. Allender  
  Juan Alvarez-Paiva   1995 T. Petrie  
  Wen-Yun Gao May 1995 J. Tunnell / D. Rohrlich
  G. Giacomin May 1995 J. Lebowitz  
  Ying Huang May 1995 I. Daubechies / R. Wheeden
  Susan Morey May 1995 W. Vasconcelos  
  Dale Peterson May 1995 F. Roberts  
  Claudia Polini   1995 W. Vasconcelos  
  Yasmine Sanderson May 1995 R. Wilson / O. Mathieu
  Robert Smyth May 1995 T. Weinstein  
  Maria Vaz Pinto May 1995 W. Vasconcelos  
  David W. Webb May 1995 S. Chanillo / B. Muckenhoupt
  Jiahai Xie May 1995 R. Goodman  
  Hong Guo Jan. 1995 J. Lepowsky  
1990-1994: 66 Ph.D.'s

  A. Tuna Altınel Oct. 1994 G. Cherlin  
  Randall Fairman Oct. 1994 R. Lyons  
  Andrés Fundia Oct. 1994 M. Saks  
  Mark Kayll Oct. 1994 J. Kahn  
  Renee Koplon Oct. 1994 E. Sontag  
  Guillaume Sanje-Mpacko Oct. 1994 L. Corwin / R. Goodman
  Jim Sharp Oct. 1994 S. Thomas  
  Todd Trimble Oct. 1994 M. Tierney  
  Rob Hochberg May 1994 J. Beck  
  Elizabeth Jurisich May 1994 R. Wilson / J. Lepowsky
  Haisheng Li May 1994 J. Lepowsky / R. Wilson
  Guotian Lin May 1994 A. Kupiainen  
  András Pluhár May 1994 J. Beck (RUTCOR)  
  András Stipzicz May 1994 T. Petrie  
  Zoltán Szabó May 1994 T. Petrie  
  Chuanfu Xie May 1994 J. Lepowsky / R. Wilson
  Sergio Zani Jan. 1994 R. Wheeden  
  Francesca Albertini Oct. 1993 E. Sontag  
  Jeong Han Kim Oct. 1993 J. Kahn  
  Junjie Xiong Oct. 1993 P. Hansen  
  Yudi Yang Oct. 1993 H. Sussmann  
  Xin Ke May 1993 J. Beck  
  Wenzhi Luo May 1993 H. Iwaniec  
  Paolo Dai Pra Jan. 1993 J. Lebowitz  
  Tejinder Neelon Jan. 1993 F. Treves  
  Hasna Riahi Jan. 1993 A. Bahri  
  Andrew Roosen Jan. 1993 J. Taylor  
  Lin Yuandan Oct. 1992 E. Sontag  
  Wensheng Liu Oct. 1992 H. Sussmann  
  Lu Xiaoyun Oct. 1992 J. Kahn  
  Steven Sessions Oct. 1992 P. Landweber  
  Tang Guoqing Oct. 1992 H. Sussmann  
  Ed Aboufadel May 1992 J. Cronin-Scanlon  
  Gábor Francsics May 1992 F. Treves  
  Nigel Pitt May 1992 H. Iwaniec  
  Denise Sakai May 1992 F. Roberts (RUTCOR)  
  Xueqing Tang May 1992 A. Ben-Israel (RUTCOR)  
  Jianming Xu May 1992 R. Falk  
  Xiaoping Xu May 1992 J. Lepowsky / R. Wilson
  Stephen Alessandrini Oct. 1991 R. Falk  
  Géza Bohus Oct. 1991 J. Kahn  
  Da-mu Cai Oct. 1991 R. Falk  
  Gustavo Comezana Oct. 1991 J. Shaneson  
  Brenda Latka Oct. 1991 G. Cherlin  
  Richard Rosengarten Oct. 1991 G. Cherlin  
  To Tze-ming Oct. 1991 N. Wallach  
  Barr Von Oehsen Oct. 1991 P. Landweber  
  Xianwen Xie Oct. 1991 R. Nussbaum  
  Chua Seng-Kee May 1991 R. Wheeden  
  Jose C. Fernandes May 1991 R. Wheeden  
  Linda Holt May 1991 R. M. Beals  
  Terry Lohrenz May 1991 F. Treves  
  Lu Guozhen May 1991 S. Chanillo  
  Chi Wang May 1991 F. Roberts (RUTCOR)  
  Sandra Caravella Oct. 1990 T. Petrie  
  Yi-Zhi Huang Oct. 1990 J. Lepowsky  
  Seong Joo Kang Oct. 1990 R. M. Beals  
  Yuan Wang Oct. 1990 E. Sontag  
  Glenn Hurlbert May 1990 R. Graham  
  Cristiano Husu May 1990 J. Lepowsky  
  Garth Isaak May 1990 F. Roberts (RUTCOR)  
  Julio Kuplinsky May 1990 P. Hansen  
  Peter Ostapenko May 1990 R. Goodman  
  J. Asmus Petersen May 1990 F. Treves  
  Raymond Ross May 1990 D. Rohrlich  
  Zangwill Rosenbaum Jan. 1990 F. Roberts  
1980-1989: 75 Ph.D.'s

  Enriqueta Carrington Oct. 1989 N. Wallach  
  Andrzej Karwowski Oct. 1989 J. Lebowitz  
  Shari Prevost Oct. 1989 R. Wilson  
  Barry Tesman Oct. 1989 F. Roberts  
  Jan Wehr Oct. 1989 M. Aizenman  
  Krzysztof Wysocki Oct. 1989 R. Nussbaum  
  Peisen Zhang Oct. 1989 J. Lebowitz  
  Stefano Capparelli Oct. 1988 J. Lepowsky / R. Wilson
  Carlangelo Liverani Oct. 1988 J. Lebowitz  
  Abdelhamid Meziani Oct. 1988 F. Treves  
  Jean Rynes Oct. 1988 C. Weibel  
  Haruo Tsukuda Oct. 1988 J. Lepowsky / I. Frenkel
  Suh-Ryung Kim   1988 F. Roberts
  Pierluigi Frajria Jan. 1988 N. Wallach  
  Willi Schwarz Jan. 1988 N. Wallach  
  Shiferaw Berhanu Oct. 1987 F. Treves  
  Yves Crama Oct. 1987 P. Hammer  
  Beatriz de Lafferriere Oct. 1987 W. Petryshyn  
  Stefano Olla Oct. 1987 J. Lebowitz  
  David Barsky May 1987 M. Aizenman  
  Mark Hughes May 1987 T. Petrie  
  João Sampaio May 1987 T. Petrie  
  Gerardo Lafferriere Oct. 1986 H. Sussmann  
  Monica Nicolau Oct. 1986 J. Shaneson  
  Heinz Schaettler Oct. 1986 H. Sussmann  
  Carlos Videla Oct. 1986 G. Cherlin  
  Jim Maloney May 1986 G. Cherlin  
  Rafael Villareal May 1986 W. Vasconcelos  
  Leila Figueiredo Jan. 1986 J. Lepowsky  
  Marly Mandia Jan. 1986 R. Wilson  
  Abigail Thompson Jan. 1986 J. Shaneson  
  Lucilia Borsari Oct. 1985 P. Landweber  
  Paulo Cordaro Oct. 1985 F. Treves  
  Kent Orr Oct. 1985 J. Shaneson  
  Yuh-Dong Tsai Oct. 1985 T. Petrie  
  H. Leroy Hutson May 1985 W. Vasconcelos  
  Gary Martin May 1985 G. Cherlin  
  John C.M. Nash May 1985 M. Nathanson  
  Arundhati Raychaudhuri May 1985 F. Roberts  
  Yungchen Cheng Oct. 1984 E. Taft  
  Richard J. Pfister Oct. 1984 J. Lepowsky  
  Norman Adams May 1984 M. Tierney  
  Eung Chun Cho May 1984 T. Petrie  
  Terence Lindgren May 1984 M. Tierney  
  Robert Opsut May 1984 F. Roberts  
  Dong Youp Suh May 1984 T. Petrie  
  Joan Farmer Amgott Oct. 1983 J. Lebowitz  
  Steven Chapin Oct. 1983 R. Nussbaum  
  Guillermo Ferreyra Oct. 1983 H. Sussmann  
  Robert S. Maier Oct. 1983 J. Lebowitz  
  David Mitzman Oct. 1983 J. Lepowsky  
  Steven Amgott May 1983 B. Mitchell  
  Kil Hyun Kwon May 1983 F. Treves  
  Jiang Jin Sheng May 1983 R. Falk  
  Carol Ann Keller Jan. 1983 M. Tierney  
  Peter Monk Jan. 1983 R. Falk  
  Alan Siegel Jan. 1983 T. Petrie  
  Zsu(zsanna) Kadas Oct. 1982 H. Othmer  
  Kailash C. Misra Oct. 1982 R. Wilson  
  Stephen Breen June 1982 J. Lebowitz  
  Jorge Gerszonowicz June 1982 F. Treves  
  Paul Schachter June 1982 J. Shaneson  
  Joanne Darken Jan. 1982 H. Sussmann  
  Martin Farber Jan. 1982 P. Hell  
  Ernst Adams Oct. 1981 B. Muckenhoupt  
  Dohan Kim Oct. 1981 F. Treves  
  Margaret Barry-Cozzens June 1981 F. Roberts
  David Hecker June 1981 W. Sweeney
  Arne Meurman June 1981 J. Lepowsky  
  Shirlei Serconek Oct. 1980 R. Wilson  
  Susan Szczepanski Oct. 1980 J. Shaneson  
  Michael Weiss June 1980 G. Cherlin
  Cheng-Shung Ko Jan. 1980 P. Hell  
  Ira L. Robbin Jan. 1980 E. Speer  
  Bernadette Tutinas Jan. 1980 D. Gorenstein
1970-1979: 107 Ph.D.'s

  Stephen Andrilli Oct. 1979 C. Sims  
  Edward Deloff Oct. 1979 J. D'Atri  
  Stephen Davis Oct. 1979 R. Lyons  
  Regina Mladineo Oct. 1979 N. Levitt  
  Richard Watnick Oct. 1979 J. Rosenstein  
  Joseph McDonough June 1979 J. Cronin-Scanlon  
  Max Ashkenazi Oct. 1978 J. Cronin-Scanlon  
  Nancy H. Baxter Oct. 1978 R. Nussbaum  
  Nan-hung Chen Oct. 1978 B. Osofsky  
  Karl Heinz Dovermann Oct. 1978 T. Petrie  
  Stephen Hoyle Oct. 1978 J. Cronin-Scanlon  
  Mark Hunacek Oct. 1978 R. Wilson  
  Rochelle Leibowitz Oct. 1978 F. Roberts  
  Claude Pichet Oct. 1978 N. Wallach  
  Theodore Wilson Oct. 1978 J. Shaneson  
  Vernon Eagle Jr. June 1978 A. Kosinski  
  Douglas Kurtz June 1978 R. Wheeden  
  Susan Niefield June 1978 B. Mitchell  
  Alvany Rocha Jan. 1978 N. Wallach  
  William Heck Oct. 1977 E. Ellentuck  
  Justine Skalba Oct. 1977 C. Sims  
  Richard Stafford Oct. 1977 M. O'Nan  
  Leh-Sheng Tang Oct. 1977 H. Sussmann  
  Adalberto Bergamasco June 1977 J. Barros-Neto  
  Ronald Dotzel June 1977 G. Bredon  
  Sarah Glaz June 1977 W. Vasconcelos  
  Charles Schwartz June 1977 W. Hoyt  
  Maria Welleda Silva June 1977 N. Wallach  
  Valdis Vijums June 1977 J. Shaneson  
  Roman W-C Wong June 1977 B. Mitchell  
  Edward Conjura Jan. 1977 W. Petryshyn  
  Anna Silverstein Jan. 1977 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Edgar Becerra-Bertram Oct. 1976 J. Shaneson  
  Oscar Campoli Oct. 1976 N. Wallach  
  Janey Daccach Oct. 1976 P. Landweber  
  Linda Anne Grieco Oct. 1976 C. Sims  
  Shyn-Ling Lee Oct. 1976 S. Leader  
  Walter Mallory Oct. 1976 E. Ellentuck  
  Isabel Miatello Oct. 1976 G. Bredon  
  Roberto Miatello Oct. 1976 N. Wallach  
  Sandra Brook June 1976 S. Leader  
  Letitia Seese(Korbley) June 1976 F. Treves  
  James Carrig Jan. 1976 W. Vasconcelos  
  Andrew Chermak Jan. 1976 D. Gorenstein  
  Stephen Fellner Jan. 1976 J. Rosenstein  
  Ricardo Morais Jan. 1976 E. Ellentuck  
  Luis Frota-Mattos Oct. 1975 R. Goodman  
  Leslie Jones   1975 P. Landweber  
  Gerard Kiernan Oct. 1975 D. Gorenstein  
  Hsiao-wei Kuo Oct. 1975 B. Muckenhoupt  
  Edward Lotkowski Oct. 1975 R. Wheeden  
  Simon Aloff June 1975 J. Shaneson  
  Ítalo Déjter June 1975 T. Petrie  
  Gary Gundersen June 1975 R. Goodman  
  Russell John June 1975 R. Wheeden  
  Thomas Marlowe June 1975 E. Taft  
  Petronije Milojevic June 1975 W. Petryshyn  
  Jay Shapiro June 1975 B. Osofsky  
  Ira J. Papick Jan. 1975 D. Dobbs  
  Jui-Chi Chang Oct. 1974 D. Gorenstein  
  Ching-an C. Cheng Oct. 1974 B. Mitchell  
  Jeffrey Dawson Oct. 1974 W. Vasconcelos  
  Edward Dougherty Oct. 1974 J. Elliott  
  Kenneth Klinger Oct. 1974 D. Gorenstein  
  Edward Boyno June 1974 G. Bredon  
  Roosevelt Gentry June 1974 V. Williams  
  Roy Goldman June 1974 F. Treves  
  Jorge Hounie June 1974 F. Treves  
  Roger Jones June 1974 R. Gundy  
  Alan Meyerhoff June 1974 T. Petrie  
  Noriko Yui June 1974 R. Bumby  
  David Kopcso Jan. 1974 R. Wilson  
  Antonio Gilioli Oct. 1973 F. Treves  
  Brian Greenberg Oct. 1973 W. Vasconcelos  
  Richard Guhl Oct. 1973 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Saroj Jain Oct. 1973 C. Faith  
  Marian Kelterborn Oct. 1973 S. Leader  
  Ana Viola Prioli Oct. 1973 W. Vasconcelos  
  Jorge Viola Prioli Oct. 1973 B. Osofsky  
  Barry J. Arnow June 1973 S. Leader  
  Wolf Iberkleid June 1973 P. Landweber  
  Northrup Fowler June 1973 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Eugene Gaydos June 1973 S. Leader  
  Sarah J. Gottlieb June 1973 E. Taft  
  Hu Sheng June 1973 W. Vasconcelos  
  Rudolf Rucker Jan. 1973 E. Ellentuck  
  Carl Bredlau Oct. 1972 E. Ellentuck  
  Robert C. Miller Oct. 1972 D. Gorenstein  
  Cristián Sánchez June 1972 G. Bredon  
  David Slater Oct. 1972 J. Rosenstein  
  Ann K. Boyle Oct. 1971 C. Faith  
  Ted Williamson Oct. 1971 W. Petryshyn  
  Reginald Luke Oct. 1971 W. Mason  
  Louie Mahony Oct. 1971 A. Kosinski  
  Ranga Rao Oct. 1971 C. Faith  
  Ralph Artino June 1971 J. Barros-Neto  
  Michael Fitzpatrick June 1971 W. Petryshyn  
  Eileen Poiani June 1971 B. Muckenhoupt  
  Ira Wolf June 1971 M. Tierney  
  John Empoliti Oct. 1970 C. Sims  
  James Roberts Oct. 1970 S. Leader  
  David Addis Jun 1970 L. McAuley
  Peter Evanovich Jun 1970 R. Cohn
  Jeffrey Levine Jun 1970 B. Osofsky
  Roger Pitasky Jun 1970 S. Leader
  Philip Zipse Jun 1970 S. Leader
  Douglas McCarthy Jan. 1970 J. Cronin-Scanlon  
1961-1969: 39 Ph.D.'s

  Victor Camillo Oct. 1969 C. Faith  
  John Cozzens Oct. 1969 C. Faith  
  Charles Applebaum June 1969 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Francis Christoph June 1969 L. McAuley  
  Clifton Lando June 1969 J. Cronin-Scanlon  
  John McDonald June 1969 J. Elliott  
  William Quirin June 1969 C. Sims  
  David Wilson June 1969 L. McAuley  
  Barbara A. Lando Jan. 1969 R. Cohn  
  Harry Berkowitz Oct. 1968 P. Roy  
  Peter Fowler Oct. 1968 J. Elliott  
  Charles Hallahan Oct. 1968 E. Taft  
  Richard Munson Oct. 1968 W. Hoyt  
  Floyd B. Cole June 1968 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Richard Bauer Jan. 1968 R. Artzy  
  Robert Fraser Oct. 1967 S. Leader  
  Frode Terkelson Oct. 1967 J. Elliott  
  Herbert I. Brown   1966 V. Cowling  
  William H. Caldwell   1966 C. Faith  
  Matthew Hassett   1966 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Gerald S. Ungar   1966 L.F. McAuley  
  Avraham Ornstein Oct. 1966 C. Faith  
  Irving Bentsen   1965 R. Cohn  
  V. Mancuso Oct. 1965 B. Candless  
  Joseph Barback Oct. 1964 J.C.E. Dekker  
  William R. Jones   1964 H. Zimmerberg  
  William E. Kirwan   1964 M. Robertson  
  Barbara Langer Osofsky   1964 C. Faith  
  Fred J. Sansone   1964 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Chung-Lie Wang   1964 R. Carroll  
  Angelo Pelios Jan. 1964 S. Leader  

  Donald Ferguson Oct. 1963 J.C.E. Dekker  
  Eric S. Langford   1963 S. Leader  
  Albert E. Livingston   1963 M. Robertson  
  Israel Zuckerman   1963 R. Cohn  

  Leonard Gewirtzman Oct. 1962 K. Wolfson  
  Michael Lodato Oct. 1962 S. Leader  
  Charles Franke May 1962 R. Cohn  
  Richard J. Libera May 1962 M. Robertson  

1951-1960: 7 Ph.D.'s


  Ronald McHaffey   1960 K. Wolfson  
  Aaron Siegel   1960 V. Shapiro  
  John Bender   1958 M. Robertson  
  Bernard Greenspan   1958 R. Cohn  
  Richard Gabriel   1955 M. Robertson  
  Richard K. Brown   1952 M. Robertson  
  George Y. Cherlin   1951 M. Robertson  


Number of doctorates by year:


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2018    10   2008   11   1998   11   1988   8   1978   13   1968   6  
2017    14   2007   6   1997   15   1987   7   1977   13   1967   2  
2016    15   2006   9   1996   16   1986   9   1976   15   1966   5  
2015   16   2005   12   1995   19   1985   8   1975   13   1965   2  
2014   16   2004   15   1994   17   1984   7   1974   13   1964   7  
2013   12   2003   10   1993   10   1983   11   1973   15   1963   4  
2012   11   2002   3   1992   12   1982   7   1972   4   1962   4  
2011   7   2001   10   1991   15   1981   5   1971   9   1961   0  
2010   12   2000   6   1990   12   1980   6   1970   8   1960   2  

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