Research Credits

A student must satisfactorily complete 24 specially designated "research credits".

Research Credits Required for Ph.D.

The Ph.D. requirements include satisfactory completion of 24 credits of Research in Mathematics (640:701 or 640:702).

Students normally register for research credits after they have found a thesis advisor and advanced to candidacy (which occurs after passing the written and oral qualifying exams.)

Students normally take 6 research credits per semester while engaged in research. This can be increased or decreased depending on various factors. Students on TA in the spring semester may take up to 6 research credits during the summer as well.

Since research credits are charged to the unit or the grant providing the support at the same rates as the course credits, student should arrange their plans to minimize excessive charges on the research credits, especially when they are on GA support.

When a student has completed all of the course requirements, and has completed, or nearly completed their research credits requirements, they should normally still register for either a course, or 1 research credit each semester to maintain student status. For international students, registering for 1 credit requires approval of a reduced course load; the "reduced credit form" is available through the international center.

To register for research credits, see the graduate secretary to get a special permission number.