Prospective Students

Program Overview for Prospective Ph.D. Applicants

We appreciate your interest in our graduate program. Here is a brief overview of select highlights of our program.

  • A highly ranked graduate program, consistently in the top 25 nationwide.
  • A large and distinguished graduate faculty (approximately 65 members in the mathematics department, and 20 additional members in other departments affiliated with the mathematics graduate program) with expertise in a wide range of areas of mathematics including algebra, analysis, geometry and topology, logic, number theory, applied analysis, discrete mathematics and mathematical physics.
  • About 20 formal graduate courses each semester, and a large number of weekly seminars in mathematics and related subjects. Students and faculty frequently attend seminars at Columbia, CUNY, the Institute for Advanced Study, NYU, and Princeton.
  • Excellent fellow students from whom you will learn a lot. Our students come from a wide variety of domestic and foreign backgrounds. In recent years we have typically received about 300 applications per year, and typically 14-16 have enrolled each year. The student/faculty ratio is very favorable, with about 75 Ph.D. students and about the same number of graduate faculty.
  • Among recent graduates, Howard Nuer, Katy Craig, C. Stucchio, W. Pegden and P. Wood have won NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships, R. Holowinsky and X. Li have won Sloan Fellowships, and R. Holowinsky has won the Sastra Ramanujan Prize. Many have found tenure or tenure-track jobs in leading universities and colleges.
  • Excellent financial support: Almost all of our current PhD students have been on full financial support in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships since their arrival  (TA nine month stipends are USD 25,969 for fall 2016; fellowship stipends vary from USD 25,000 to USD 35,000; 5 of the 15 Ph.D. students who entered in fall of 2016 are on fellowships); and we try to maintain financial support to all full-time Ph.D. students making good progress in our program.
  • Teaching and research assistants are university employees, with full health benefits. Fellows get health insurance from a separate plan.
  • A high completion rate. More than 75% of students who join our program obtain a Ph.D.
  • A solid record of job placement. Close to 90% of our graduates in the period 2000-2015 have found an initial position in academia; others opted for employment in industry or government.
  • A commitment to training students to be teachers as well as researchers, and to building a diverse population of students.
  • A large campus supporting a wide range of activities, with an easy train ride to New York City and Princeton. The Atlantic Ocean and good hiking are also close by!

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