Application Process

The honors track is considerably more demanding than the math major, and students are admitted only after they have demonstrated the interest and ability to complete the requirements of the program.

Students interested in the honors track should complete the Application for Mathematics Honors.  Students are encouraged to apply early. Once a student becomes an honors track appplicant, the student's progress in the math program will be followed by the honors committee. The application for admission is reevaluated each semester. Once the student has compiled a record that indicates the interest and ability to successfully complete the honors track, the student is admitted to the program. (Typically this occurs after the student has completed and performed well in one of the courses 411 and 451.)

Honors track applicants can seek advice from the committee about how to strengthen his or her record (including advice about choosing courses) so as to qualify for the program. Every pending application will be reviewed by the honors track committee at the end of each semester, until the student is accepted or until the end of the sophomore year. Students not accepted by the end of the sophomore year are usually rejected from the program, although in some borderline cases, the final decision may be postponed until the end of the fall semester of the following year.

In unusual cases, the committee will consider applications from students after the beginning of their junior year.

Requirements for Admission to the Honors Track

There are no fixed requirements for admission to the honors track. Each applicant is carefully evaluated by the honors track committee, with consideration given to courses taken, grades, comments from instructors and any other information available to the committee. Admission is granted based on the best assessment by the committee of a student's ability to be able to handle the requirements of the program. In particular, the student must demonstrate both the necessary skills in mathematics (especially mathematical proofs) and a serious commitment to their studies.

While there are no fixed requirements, a successful applicant will normally have taken at least the following courses by the end of his or her second year:

For a typical honors track student, most grades in mathematics would be A's, there would normally be no grades below B, and the grades in courses at the 300+ level would be at least B+.

Application for Mathematics Honors (If you have problems printing this, go to the Mathematics Undergraduate office in Hill 303.)