Jeffrey Schwarz
Jeffrey Schwarz
Part Time Lecturer


My Zoom "office

Scheduled office hours

  • Mon: 5:00 pm -- 6:40 pm
  • Wed, Fri:  1:00 pm -- 2:20 pm
  • Any time you see me on -- or even off -- campus.
  • Email me at any time and let me know you have a question. I will often see your email and we can set up a meeting right away.


  • Check this page for changes during the semester.
  • My office hours follow the Rutgers schedule. That is, if a Tuesday is going to follow a Thursday schedule, my office hours will follow a Thursday schedule.

TO GET BACK TO THIS PAGE (is easy to remember):

  1. Navigate to the math department website:
  2. Click on People -- All Faculty (or memorize)
  3. Control F (for Find on Page). Type "Schwarz" (there is no "T").
151 - Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences