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Transfer Credit Application for Mathematics Courses


This form can be used only for Mathematics courses. Applications for other courses will be ignored.

While the Mathematics Department determines whether the course you submit is equivalent to one of ours, YOU MUST GET FINAL APPROVAL FROM YOUR DEAN BEFORE TAKING THE COURSE.

Student Information

For SAS, please allow at least THREE weeks before the final decision is emailed to the Dean's Office.

External Course Information

Note: If the course is an online course, then you must copy/paste a URL link (in the URL fields below) that makes it clear that at least 70 percent of the course grade is determined by proctored exams given on the college campus. If this URL is not included, then the course will be marked not transferable.

Supporting Documents

In this section, please provide links or files with relevant information about the course. In particular, a syllabus or course description must be provided. A URL link to the syllabus is preferred and may speed up the evaluation of this application.

It is mandatory that the name of the textbook, sections covered, and prerequisites of the course are included in the syllabus. If not, then please enter this information in the field provided below.

Note: All attached files must be of one of these types: pdf, doc, jpeg, png.

All attached files must be of one of these types: pdf, doc, jpeg, png.

Rutgers Equivalent Course

Please select the Rutgers Mathematics Course you would like credits to count towards (optional).

Select course 000 if you are only seeking elective credit.

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