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2007 REU Projects

Projects for the 2007 Math REU Program

Project #: Math 2007-01

Enumerative Geometry
Mentor: Anders Buch, Department of Mathematics,
The students will learn about and investigate problems in the general area of enumerative geometry. Depending on student interest, topics may include Schubert calculus, quantum cohomology, degeneracy locus formulas, and combinatorics.

Project #: Math 2007-02

Representation theory of affine Lie algebras
Mentors: William Cook, Department of Mathematics, and Yi-Zhi Huang, Department of Mathematics,

Project #: Math 2007-03

Set Theory and Discrete Mathematics
Mentors: Simon Thomas, Department of Mathematics, and János Komlós, Department of Mathematics,
Co-mentor: Sam Coskey, graduate student,

Project #: Math 2007-04

Geometric Partial Differential Equations
Mentor: Eduardo Teixeira, Department of Mathematics,

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