01:640:151 - Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Math 151 (Calculus I for Math and Physical Sciences) is the first semester of the first year calculus sequence at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Math 151 covers differential calculus of the elementary functions of a single real variable: the rational, trigonometric and exponential functions and their inverses; various applications via the Mean Value Theorem; and an introduction to the integral calculus.

Most sections of Math 151 have three class meetings per week: two lectures and one workshop. The lecture is where new material is covered by the course lecturer. The workshop is a smaller class meeting with a Teaching Assistant (TA), where students work in-depth on problems in groups, and will be asked to write up one or more of the problems that they have worked on. Also, a quiz will be given during most workshop sessions.

For Spring 2020 online instruction:

  • Midterm Exam 2 will be administered online during the period Wednesday April 22 at 12pm through Thursday April 23 at 12pm. Details will be provided by each lecturer
  • The Final Exam will be administered online during a 24-hour window that ends on Thursday, May 7 at 7:00pm
  • There will not be a Midterm Exam 3

The final exam for all sections will be on Thursday, May 7, and will be administered online. Details about the online administration will be announced late in the semester.

Here is where you may find other information about the course:


If you took Math 151 in the Fall 2019 semester and you are looking for material about the course you took, see this page.

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