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16:642:591 - Topics in Probability & Ergodic Theory I

Fall 2020 - Kimberly Weston


 Introduction to Probability using Measure Theory

Course Description:

This course will be an introduction to the issues and techniques of probability theory, at the graduate level. The topics covered will include: (i) The measure theoretic framework of modern probability theory; probability spaces and random variables; (ii) Independence and zero-one laws; (iii) Laws of large numbers and Kolmogorov's three series theorem; (iv) Convergence in distribution and the Central Limit Theorem; (v) Conditional Expectation; (vi) An introduction to martingales in discrete-time and applications to Markov chains. Time permitting, we will try to give brief introduction to large deviations and Brownian motion.


Probability with martingales by David Williams


Real Analysis (640:501 or an equivalent) and an undergraduate course at the level of Ross's text, A First Course in Probability.

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