Course Descriptions

16:640:601 - TA Instructional Training

Matthew Charnley

Course Description:

This course gives an introduction to teaching at Rutgers, particularly in the context of being a Teaching Assistant. We will discuss the specifics of how Teaching Assistant assignments work, what responsibilities are associated with this position, and the different kinds of assignments that are available. In addition, we will discuss various aspects of pedagogy, particularly that of Active Learning, which is very prevalent in workshop courses. Participants will be recorded giving brief teaching demos to see their teaching presence and get feedback on how they can improve.  

Learning Objectives:

- Students will learn about the undergraduate math program at Rutgers, including the course numbers and paths that students take through the department

- Students will practice their board work and presentation skills on a variety of Calculus topics

- Students will understand the pedagogical importance of the recitation and workshop periods that they will be in charge of as teaching assistants

- Students will be exposed to issues of equity in the classroom and how they can play a role as teaching assistants

- Students will discuss situations in teaching with each other and with experienced teaching assistants

Course Components:

- Video Recordings: Students will be recorded three different times over the course of the semester, and will have an opportunity to get feedback on and discuss these recordings.

- Discussions with experienced teaching assistants: After each observation and at the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to discuss the different type of teaching assignment, as well as ask any questions they have about teaching at Rutgers.

- Observations: Students will be given the opportunity to observe a workshop and a recitation session to see how they function.

- Pedagogy Discussions: Students will participate in discussion about the pedagogical benefits of recitations and workshops to understand their role in the course.

- Case Studies: Students will see several case studies and stories of a variety of instances that can happen in a classroom to prepare them for what they may see in the future.


First year graduate student or permission of the department. All graduate students must take this class before being given a TA assignment at Rutgers. 


None. Notes and documents will be provided.  

Schedule of Sections: