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16:640:555 - Selected Topics in Algebra

James Lepowsky


Topics in the representation theory of vertex operator algebras

Course Description:

The theory of intertwining operator algebras is central to the representation theory of vertex operator algebras and its applications. We will focus on the illuminating and important special case of abelian intertwining algebras, which is more accessible than the general
case and also has many applications.  We will develop the foundations of the theory in detail, starting with the construction of lattice vertex operator algebras and generalized structures, including twisted modules.

Current research problems will be discussed.


I. Frenkel, J. Lepowsky and A. Meurman, Vertex Operator Algebras and the Monster, Pure and Applied Math., Vol. 134, Academic Press, Boston, 1988.

C. Dong and J. Lepowsky, Generalized Vertex Algebras and Relative Vertex Operators, Progress in Math., Vol. 112, Birkhauser, Boston,


Some experience with vertex operator algebra theory would be helpful.

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