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16:642:562 - Introduction to Mathematical Physics II

Spring 2020 - Michael Kiessling

Course Description:

This is the second part of the two-part course Introduction to Mathematical Physics. It introduces the student to the mathematically well-developed parts of Quantum Physics and is taught in the spirit of part I (Classical Physics) as an theory about an objectively existing world made of material points that move. Physics topics covered are (a) Non-relativistic quantum mechanics: deBroglie-Bohm theory, Schroedinger's equation, motion of point particles, electrical Coulomb and gravitational Newton pair interactions, "external" magnetic fields, particle spin and Pauli equation, stability of everyday matter; (b) Relativistic quantum mechanics: electrons and photons, Dirac's equation, Chandrasekhar's theory of white dwarf stars. Mathematical key words: Hilbert space, self-adjoint operators, unitary operators, spectral theory.


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561, real analysis, or permission by the instructor

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