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16:640:549 - Lie Groups

Spring 2021 - Siddhartha Sahi

Course Description:

This will be a highly _individualized_ course covering topics in Lie groups. I will teach this course at two levels, and students can pick the level appropriate to their background, training, and interest. The introductory level will introduce students to basic ideas in Lie groups and Lie algebras, which are useful for application within Lie theory and in other parts of mathematics, such as algebra, geometry, topology, and number theory. This level will be collaborative in nature. The advanced level will be more individualized, where I will help each student choose a topic in Lie theory appropriate to his/her taste. I will explain the main ideas in some recent research work in that area (perhaps, but not necessarily, my own!), suggest generalizations, and possible lines of attack. We will discuss this over the course of the semester, with the aspirational goal of having some *new* mathematics by the end of the semester. In particular, if you took "Lie groups" last time, there need be no overlap! 




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