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16:640:535 - Algebraic Geometry I

Charles Weibel


Hartshorne, {\it Algebraic Geometry}, Springer Graduate Texts in Math.~52, latest (\(9\)th?) edition.


First-year Algebra sequence



\centerline{\bf Algebraic Geometry (640:535)}


\centerline{Fall 2018\quad C. Weibel}


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This will be an introduction to the subject of Algebraic Geometry.

The first part of the course will cover the general theory

of varieties over an algebraically closed field (\(\Bbb C\) comes to mind).

I'll do lots of examples using curves and surfaces, 'cause I can draw

pictures. These example will become useful grounding for part II.


The second part of the course will study Schemes as the algebraic analogue

of manifolds. Try thinking of the integers \(\Bbb Z\) as a manifold!

I'm not going to assume a lot of commutative ring theory,

we'll just quote what we need and move on.


The idea is to address the interests of the students in the class.

This means that although I may talk about curves as part III,

and surfaces as part IV if time permits, I could be pursuaded otherwise.

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