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Web Service Migration

As of Monday, June 22, 2015 at 6:00pm, the Math Department underwent a web service migration from our original web server to a newer and more secure server. Most of you already are aware that our mail services were moved to a newer and more secure server last week on 6/11. The very same has been done for our Department website ( /, as well as the other hosted sites, such as that of the Mathematical Finance Program (

The main Department website, as well as our affiliated sites, were unavailable for a time around 6-7pm, and perhaps later. This was the direct result of the hostnames for those sites being redirected to the new web server. Though many at Rutgers would have hardly noticed a difference, those connecting from outside the University, particularly those abroad, may have been more significantly impacted.

A lot of testing and preparation was done leading up to the move to ensure that things went smoothly, and for the most part, this will be an entirely transparent move for most. The largest, and perhaps most important change, is that access to this new server will require you to authenticate with your newly acquired Novell credentials. Using SSH to connect to will potentially give you a warning about a different RSA key, which is safe to bypass, and when prompted for a password you will need to provide your Novell account password. Using your old Math password will not work. Those having difficulty connecting to the new server should make sure they have first created a Novell account password, and if there are any issues, please submit a Workorder.

One other relevant change is that when accessing resources in protected areas of the website, such as "ForInstructors" pages, or internal Department information, where you were previously required to supply your Math account username and password, you will now need to supply your Novell username and password. Any such restricted documents that relied on a shared password have been unaffected.

The new webserver, since it has inherited the hostname of '' is being setup to be the new "gateway" server for the Department. Those that log in remotely to manage their personal webspaces, or that of the Department, will continue to do so just as they have always done. There have been no changes in the paths to web resources, and your personal home directories will be mounted, just as they were on the original ''.

Below is a link to documentation regarding the setting up of a VPN client to access the University network so that you can more readily access the new web server via SSH. Those receiving "Connection reset by peer" type error messages when using SSH to connect from off-campus would be well-advised to utilize the VPN to not just secure your connection to University resources, but allow for better name resolution (avoiding the current DNS proagation issues). If there are any questions on how to do this, please submit a Workorder.

University VPN Setup