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Setting up your Math account using Evolution

    1. Start the Evolution program. If this is your first time running the Evolution program skip to step 3 since the Evolution Setup Assistance screen will open automatically.
    2. From the Evolution main menu click on Edit and then Preferences and then click the Add button.
    3. The Welcome screen will appear. Click on the Forward button. ev1


    1. Type in your full name in the appropriate text box. This name will be seen by the recipients in all the messages you send.

      Note: From this point on all the information (except your password) must be typed in small letters. Below enter your Math e-mail address. The format must be Then click the Forward button.

In the Server Type, change from None option to IMAP option.
In the Server text box type in
In the Security section, change the Use Secure Connection to No Encryption. Click the Forward button.


    1. On the Receiving Options screen, check both options in the Checking for New Mail section. Click the Forward button.


    1. On the Sending Mail section, type in the server: text box. Check the Server requires authentication check box. If you want the program to remember your e-mail password check the box marked Remember password.


    1. On the Account Management screen, just click on the Forward button.


    1. If this is not the first time running the Evolution program go to step 10. Otherwise the Time Zone screen will appear. In it choose the location that best describes where you are located. Then click the Forward button.

    1. In the final screen click the Apply button.