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Thunderbird Email Configuration

Thunderbird Email Configuration


  1. Start the Thunderbird program. If this is the first time you are using Thunderbird, please skip to step 3.
  2. From the Thunderbird main menu click on Tools and then Account Settings and then click the Add Account button to bring up the Account Wizard.
  3. Make sure Email account is marked and press Next.


  4. Type in your full name in the box marked Your Name. This name will be seen by the recipients in all the messages you send.

    Note: From this point on all the information (except your password) must be typed in small letters.

    Enter your Math e-mail address.The format must be Then click the Next button.

  5. Choose the IMAP option under type of incoming server. Then in the Incoming Server text box type in
    In the Outgoing Server type in Click the Next button.

  6. In the Next screen, make sure that your correct math username is entered in the text box. Click the Next button.

  7. Now make sure your full e-mail address is written in the text box. This is important when dealing with multiple mail accounts in one program. Click the Next button.

  8. Review the information shown in the last screen. If any errors are found, click the Back button and make the appropriate corrections. If everything is correct, press the Finish button. Then click the Ok button


  9. If you need to add more email accounts just follow the same procedure, with the only change being that you do not need to enter the outgoing mail server again.