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Applied and Computational Math Seminar

Two tales of slenderness and confinement: mechanics of wrinkled sheets and jammed filaments

Hunter King (Rutgers University)

Location:  Hill 705
Date & time: Wednesday, 17 April 2024 at 11:00AM - 12:00PM

The first part of my talk will consider a thin, circular, elastic sheet adhered to the surface of a liquid droplet of increasing curvature. Geometric frustration causes it to buckle, first forming a pattern of smooth wrinkles, then sharp crumpled features at higher curvature. These steps can be seen as two distinct symmetry breaking instabilities: that of shape and stress field, respectively, driven by one non-dimensional confinement parameter, according to coupled experiments and theoretical analysis.
In the second part, I will present a preliminary study of the emergent mechanics of packings of unbonded, semiflexible, athermal fibers, inspired by the highly non-intuitive nest-building strategy of birds.  Through complementary physical and computational measurements of mechanical resonse under oedometric compression, we reveal micromechanical origins of some basic features of this class of disordered metamaterial, relating non-linear stiffness and quasistatic hysteresis to the reversible formation and motion of internal contacts.
In either case, we find that generic confinement of slender bodies gives rise to phenomenology that is surprisingly rich, but can be reduced to understandable models and motifs.

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