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Learning Seminar on PDE and Applications

Construction of a Smooth, Compactly-Supported Solution to the Three-Dimensional Stationary Euler Equation

Jeaheang Bang, Rutgers University

Date & time: Tuesday, 16 June 2020 at 1:40PM - 3:40PM

Abstract:  It is an expository talk about the work of Constantin, La, and Vicol in 2019. In this paper, they constructed a smooth, compactly-supported solution to the stationary Euler equations in the three-dimensional Euclidean space. To do so, they seek for axisymmetric solutions and use some specific ansatz, which leads to Hicks equation (equivalent to Grad-Shafranov equation). A solution to Hicks equation have meaning as a stream function of a solution to the Euler equations. They try to construct a solution to Hicks equation, satisfying some additional condition called localization. To construct a solution to Hicks equation with the localization condition, they use some transformation called hodograph. Majority of it boils down to existence of a solution to some ODEs. This leads to a smooth solution to the Euler equation (with some nice properties deduced from the localization condition) but it does not necessarily have compact support. Thanks to the localization condition, finally they can 'localize' the solution that they have found. In other words, they can immediately generate another solution with compact support. (This paper is inspired by the work of A. V. Gavrilov in 2019 about the Euler equations.)

This talk will be held virtually on WebEx.
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