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Topology/Geometry Seminar

Circle packings and Delaunay circle patterns for complex projective structures

 Andrew Yarmola (Princeton)

Location:  Hill 525
Date & time: Tuesday, 27 November 2018 at 3:40PM - 4:40PM

Abstract:  At the interface of discrete conformal geometry and the study of Riemann surfaces lies the Koebe-Andreev-Thurston theorem. Given a triangulation of a surface S, this theorem produces a unique hyperbolic structure on S and a geometric circle packing whose dual is the given triangulation. In this talk, we explore an extension of this theorem to the space of complex projective structures - the family of maximal CP^1-atlases on S up to Möbius equivalence. Our goal is to understand the space of all circle packings on complex projective structures with a fixed dual triangulation. As it turns out, this space is no longer a unique point and evidence suggests that it is homeomorphic to Teichmüller space via uniformization - a conjecture by Kojima, Mizushima, and Tan.

In joint work with Jean-Marc Schlenker, we show that this projection is proper, giving partial support for the conjectured result. Our proof relies on geometric arguments in hyperbolic ends and allows us to work with the more general notion of Delaunay circle patterns, which may be of separate interest. I will give an introductory overview of the definitions and results and demonstrate some software used to motive the conjecture.

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