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Graduate Pizza Seminar

Attacks on the RSA Cryptosystem

Tamar Lichter, Rutgers University

Location:  GSL
Date & time: Friday, 23 March 2018 at 1:40PM - 2:40PM

  Abstract:  Cryptography -- code making and code breaking -- is an ancient pursuit. Julius Caesar is said to have kept his messages secret by shifting each letter by three, ifhb qefp. Modern cryptography involves some really neat math, from basic number theory and abstract algebra to hard questions about elliptic curves and lattices. We'll start with an overview of some of the simpler and prettier cryptosystems, including the widely used public-key cryptosystem known as RSA. Then we'll discuss an attack on small-exponent RSA using continued fractions, as well as an attack using lattice reduction due to Boneh and Durfee.

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