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Graduate Pizza Seminar

"Do we really need integrals?"

Jinyoung Park, Rutgers University

Location:  GSL
Date & time: Friday, 28 April 2017 at 1:40PM -


Abstract: The area of a triangle is 1/2*(base)*(height), and we don’t need any fancy tool to verify this formula.(Simply cut the triangle a couple of times and then reassemble those pieces to make a rectangle.) Then how about the 3-dimensional version of a triangle, namely a tetrahedron? The volume of a tetrahedron is 1/3*(bottom)*(height), and one way to verify this formula is to use the integral. My question is, is there an elementary way to verify this formula, especially without using integrals? In this talk, we will investigate the answer to this question, and see if we can get closer to many young students’ dream: math without calculus.

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