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Rutgers' Top 25 finish in the Putnam competition, Two Goldwater Scholars, and other Undergraduate Accomplishments

Our undergraduate program once again received exciting external recognition, including Rutgers' strong performance in the 2022 International William Lowell Putnam Competition, the most prestigious mathematics problem solving competition.  Rutgers finished 21st out of 456 participating colleges and universities from across North America.   

Andrew Krapivin had the highest score from Rutgers, placing him in the top 125 of the 3,415 students who took the exam.  Four more Rutgers students finished in the top 300:  Justin Kim, George Tsoukalas, Michael Schleppy and Eric Yang.

Congratulations to all of the Rutgers students who participated in the 83rd competition:  Daniel Baumgartner, Pratyoy Biswas, Girish Ganesan, Maxwell Goldberg, Michael Gorbunov, Justin Kim, Andrew Krapivin, Jesse Lerner, Eric Liu, Aaron Lozhkin, Rajat Peddinti, Niko Pilauri, Michael Schleppy, Julia Shneidman, Mahadevan Seetharaman, Russell Stetson, George Tsoukalas, Eric Yang, Thomas Yang, Zeyu Zheng. 

Cormac Grindall and Andrew Krapivin, both double majors in Mathematics and Computer Science, have been awarded the distinguished Goldwater Scholarship for 2023, following in the steps of math major Julia Shneidman (who was a 2022 awardee).  Andrew and Cormac also received the Mathematics Department’s recognition for the highest achievement through the junior year: for Andrew, the John Bogart Prize, and for Cormac, the Tilla Weinstein Award.  Read more about Cormac and Grindall here: .  

Aditi Kiron, a senior majoring in Mathematics Actuarial Option, has won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study in South Korea next year.  The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to support academic exchanges between the United States and over 150 countries around the world. Rutgers has again this year been recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education as a top producer of Fulbright Scholars and Students, with 29 current or recently graduated students receiving awards. 

The 3-person team of Justin Kim, Michael Schleppy, and George Tsoukalas finished first in the New Jersey Undergraduate Mathematics Competition.  Other Rutgers 3-person teams (and in fact, some 2-person teams competing at a disadvantage!) also ranked highly with the following results: 

TEAM (out of 23):   

First:  Justin Kim, Michael Schleppy, George Tsoukalas 
Third:  Michael Gorbunov, Parth Patel, Amol Srivastava 
Fourth:  John Greaney-Cheng, Leah Kaup, Shadmehr Khan 
Fifth:  Andrew Krapivin, Howard Luo  
Eighth:  Girish Ganesan, Philip Stetson 

Individual (out of 66): 

3rd:  Girish Ganesan & Shadmehr Khan 
5th:  Howard Luo, Justin Kim & George Tsoukalas 
9th:  Andrew Krapivin, Leah Kaup & Michael Schleppy 
12th:  Michael Gorbunov, John Greaney-Cheng, Parth Patel & Amol Srivastava 
17th:  Philip Stetson 

In particular, Rutgers mathematics students received 13 out of the top 17 scores.  Leah Kaup was also recognized as the highest scoring female participant in the competition.