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Math Major Julia Schneidman's Goldwater Scholarship heads list of 2022 undergraduate honors

Julia Shneidman (class of 2023) has been awarded a 2022 Goldwater Scholarship, one of the most prestigious national undergraduate scholarships.  She is one of four students in the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences to win this award. 

In addition, eighteen seniors completed the extensive requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree (as opposed to our usual B.A. degree), the largest number ever.  Anna K. Antal, Colin J. Fan, Joseph R. Durie, Tai Wai Hu, Ryan A. Jensen, Sangjun Ko, Samuel E. Leigh, Ephraim J. Linder, Jason Luo, Kailash A. Raman, Ezra G. Seidel, Christopher R. Shafer, Christopher A. Taglieri, Victor C. Zhang, and Qian Zhou graduated with Highest Honors in Mathematics.  Sofia Shvaiko and David Xue graduated with High Honors in Mathematics, and Aaron J. Scheiner graduated with Honors in Mathematics.

Seven additional seniors graduated with Honors in Mathematics:  Kaushik Bhatacharya, Ethan E. Febinger, Rohan Jayanth, Rakshay S. Kanthadai, Daniel Twili, Richard R. Wen, and Mary L. Zsolway.

Nine senior prizes were awarded, five by the Department and four on the recommendation of the Department:

Colin Fan, the Kenneth and Rosalind Wolfson Annual Award for Academic Excellence in Mathematics;

Anna Antal, the Joseph P. Bradley Memorial Prize in Mathematics;

Christopher Taglieri, the Lawrence Corwin Memorial Mathematics Prize;

Sarah Catovic, the Mathematics Education Prize;

Priya Patel, the Hannah Hoyt Prize;

Sophiia Shvaiko, the Richard Morris Award;

Nikitah Nyangoro, the Pi Mu Epsilon Prize;

Christopher Shafer, the Jacqueline B. Lewis Award.

Four additional prizes are awarded to students before their senior year, three by the Department and one on the recommendation of the Department:

George Tsoukalas, the John Bogart Prize;

Julia Shneidman, the Tilla Weinstein Award;

Andrew Krapivin, the David Martin Weiss Memorial Award;

Amy Flather the Katharine Hazard Prize.

Many members of our faculty have also been recognized by the university for their contributions to undergraduate education over the years, and this year is no different: Sheila Tabanli was selected as an OASIS fellow