Department News

Math Department announces recipients of 2020 departmental graduation honors and awards

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to recognize those of its majors who are being acknowledged in 2020 with departmental honors and prizes.


Six seniors are completing the extensive requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree.   Victor Chen and Ping Lin are graduating with Highest Honors in Mathematics.  Adeeb Kabir, Luke Schroeder, Valeriy Sergeev and Zhigang Wu are graduating with High Honors in Mathematics.


Nine additional seniors are graduating with Honors in Mathematics:  

Rebecca Claffey, Hannah Fechtner, Adam Jamil, Brian Lai, Salman Manzoor, Daniel Milo, Thomas O’Shaughnessy, Vinay Ravinder, and Yasa Syed.


Nine seniors are being awarded prizes, five by the Department and four on the recommendation of the Department:

Victor Chen, the Kenneth and Rosalind Wolfson Annual Award for Academic Excellence in Mathematics;

Adeeb Kabir, the Joseph P. Bradley Memorial Prize in Mathematics;

Yasa Syed and Thomas O’Shaughnessy, the Lawrence Corwin Memorial Math Prize;

Alya Bukhari, the Mathematics Education Prize;

Andrea Wu, the Hannah Hoyt Prize;

Yating Liu, the Richard Morris Award;

Alya Bukhari, the Pi Mu Epsilon Prize;

Thomas O’Shaughnessy, the Jacqueline B. Lewis Award.


Four additional prizes are awarded to students before their senior year, three by the Department and one on the recommendation of the Department:

Nicholas McConnell, the John Bogart Prize;

Ozan Acikgoz, the Tilla Weinstein Award;

Colin Fan, the David Martin Weiss Memorial Award;

Isabella Pham, the Katharine Hazard Prize.