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WIP Seminar

The static spacetime of a point charge, assuming the Bopp-Lande-Thomas-Podolsky law of the electromagnetic vacuum, as a small gravity perturbation of flat-space

Erik De Amorim, Rutgers.

Location:  Hill 703
Date & time: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 at 11:00AM - 12:30PM

Abstract: First of all it's important to note: no physics or high-level math background will be assumed from the audience! The talk describes work in progress on the search for a static spacetime of a charged point particle whose electric field is coupled to spacetime structure via the energy-momentum-stress tensor of the Bopp-Lande-Thomas-Podolsky electromagnetic theory, a higher-order generalization of the usual Maxwell theory. The reasonable assumption that this spacetime will be a small deviation from flat-space, together with the fact that the gravitational constant is a small parameter, suggests the "switch on G" line of attack: expanding everything in powers of G and proving that all the relevant series obtained converge. All relevant concepts from physics will be explained in the talk, in an effort to make it accessible to all.