Michael Saks
Michael Saks
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Chair's Office
Department Chair

The way to reach me is by email. Telephone is a very unreliable way to reach me and is not recommended. (However, if you wish to speak to me we can use email to set up a phone appointment.)

The email address to use depends on the purpose of your contact.

--If you are an undergraduate student:

----Contact advisor@math.rutgers.edu if you need general information, or specific help concerning course selection, graduation requirements, transfer requests etc.

----Contact the Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs ugvc@math.rutgers.edu if you have other issues, including difficulties related to an instructor in a course you are taking

For others who need to contact me:

--Use chair@math.rutgers.edu to contact me in connection with departmental or university affairs related to my role as department chair,

--Use saks@math.rutgers.edu to contact me on matters unrelated to my role as department chair

(848) 445-7952
theory of computation, partially ordered sets, graph theory

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Department of Mathematics
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