Jeffrey Schwarz
Jeffrey Schwarz
Part Time Lecturer
Busch, College Ave


Check this page for changes during the semester.

Email me at any time and let me know you'd like to meet. Also, try going to the Webex meeting above at any time. I think it sends me an email and I will join you if I can.

Scheduled office hours

  • Mon:  2:50 pm -- 4:10 pm
  • Mon:  6:00 pm -- 7:20 pm
  • Wed:  1:40 pm -- 3:00 (later by request)
  • Thu: 12:00 pm -- 1:20
  • Any time you see me on -- or even off! -- campus. I often get to class early to prepare, but can usually take questions.


  • My office hours follow the Rutgers schedule days. That is, if a Tue is going to follow a Thursday schedule, my office hours will follow a Thursday schedule.

TO GET BACK TO THIS PAGE (is easy to remember):

  1. Navigate to the math department website:
  2. Click on People -- All Faculty (or memorize)
  3. Control F (for Find on Page). Type "Schwarz" (there is no "T").
111 - Precalculus I, 135 - Calculus I