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Christopher Woodward
Christopher Woodward
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
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(848) 445-6918
Hill Center, Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University, 110 Frelinghuysen Rd, Piscataway NJ 08854
Office Hours
Hill Center

Mondays 2:15-3:15pm Hill 726 or by appointment at Livingston.  For Math 350 students, I can usually meet thirty minutes before class at Livingston Campus Center if you have a question you would rather ask outside of class.   If by appointment, please suggest a time in your request email;  Monday afternoons or Wednesday mornings are best.  Please e-mail ahead of time to ensure that I am not at a conference etc. 


symplectic geometry, moduli spaces, Lie groups

My research office, Hill Center Room 726, is on Busch campus.

The telephone number is 848-445-6918. This office will be used as a visitor office in 2016-17.


Notes on Linear Algebra - logic.pdf
Notes on Mathematical Reasoning - linear.pdf

Notes on a course on geometry and measurement for k-8 teachers. 

I wrote a little note explaining the connection between the number of ways of making change and polygons. For more little articles like this, I recommend Tom Davis' math circles page . For example, here is a nice discussion of Euler's theorem which has cutouts at the end. 

Here is the Singapore mathematics curriculum, which is a favorite of professional mathematicians.

Alexander Givental has some interesting links on his page for example,Singapore vs. California math textbooks Sumizdat Home Page .

In addition to having some great offerings, sumizdat is a great joke, see here .


  • Yuka Taylor, Ph.D. 2003, George Mason Math Dept., Vermont Law. 
  • Sikimeti Mau, Ph.D. 2008, Berkeley Math Dept. Now at Venizia. 
  • Reza Rezazadegan, Ph.D. 2009, Aarhus Math Dept., Uppsala Math Dept.
  • Andreas Ott , (joint with D. Salamon) Ph.D. 2010, Cambridge Math. Dept. 
  • Sushimita Venugopalan, Ph.D. 2012, Tata Institute of Fund. Research, Mumbai. Now Chennai Math Inst.
  • David Duncan Ph.D. 2013, Michigan State University 2013--2015, -- --now at McMaster. 
  • Doug Schultz. Ph.D. expected 2017.
  • Matt Leingang , Rutgers assistant professor 2000-3, now at NYU Math. 
  • Eduardo Gonzalez Rutgers assistant professor 2005-8, now at Univ. of Mass. Boston Math. Dept. 
  • Alexandra Popa (joint with L. Borisov) Rutgers assistant professor 2012--2015. 
  •  Joseph Palmer, to start 2016. 

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