Rutgers, New Brunswick, Mathematics Department

Special Permission Application for Non-Matriculated Students


This form is to be used only by NON-MATRICULATED students. Please submit a separate application for each course requested. Please exercise care. Incomplete or inaccurate forms will not be processed.

For sections that are full, non-matriculated students have lowest priority. Such requests will be evaluated last, most likely after the semester has started.

Student Information

Note: If you are not one of these student types, you are filling out the wrong form. Go here.

Course Information

Section selection:

Please list all sections of this course you are able to take, in order of preference (at least one section is required). The more sections you include, the better your chances are of receiving special permission.

Please be sure to use (two-character) SECTION numbers, not (five-digit) index numbers.

Supporting Documents

If you can provide a transcript file showing that you have fulfilled the prerequisites for the course you want to take, it will help us make our decision. The file type must be one of: pdf, doc, jpeg, png. Please note that if you need to re-activate the captcha, you will also need to re-upload your documents.

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