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Special Permission Application for Honors Courses


This form is only for special permission requests for honors courses 195, 196, 291, 292, 411, 412, 451, 452, 491, 492, 495 or honors sections of courses 151, 152, 251, 252, 300, 311, 350.

Admission to honors sections is based on careful evaluation of applications by the Honors Committee, and admission to some honors sections is limited by space consideration. Students, including students who are in university honors programs, should not assume that their request for a mathematics honors course/section will be granted. Applicants are advised to tentatively register for an alternative non-honors course or section which can be dropped later if the application for an honors course/section is approved.

Submit a separate form for each course requested.

Please exercise care. Incomplete or inaccurate forms will not be processed.

Student Information

Course Information

Honors course selection

In the next question you will select which course you are applying for special permission into.

Please note that this form is used only for applications into honors courses or honors sections. If the course you want is not listed here, then please try to register for it using the WebReg system instead.

Notice also that you are required to enter the section number(s) for all sections that you are applying for. For courses 151, 152, 251, 252, 300, 311, 350, these section numbers must start with "H", for example H1 or H2.

Honors section selection:

Please list all sections of this course you are able to take, in order of preference. At least one section is required. The more sections you include, the better your chances are of receiving special permission.

Supporting Documents


If you are currently enrolled in a Mathematics course (or were last semester), then please give the course number and the name of the instructor.

If you are not (or if you would like to indicate an additional reference), then please give the name of a Rutgers Mathematics instructor who is familiar with your abilities.

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