Transfer Credit

General Transfer Credit Information


  • Undergraduate students at Rutgers (New Brunswick/Piscataway) MUST have prior written approval from their college (or SAS) before taking a course elsewhere that they want to transfer onto their Rutgers transcript. If such approval is not obtained, no credit will be awarded.
  • The Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway Math Department will not approve the transfer of any 3 or more credit course offered in any Session (Summer, Winter, or other) lasting less than 5 weeks.
  • The Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway Department will not approve the transfer of courses taught at sites off the campus of the college offering them. Online and hybrid courses are acceptable, on the condition that the student can document that the courses had adequate examination integrity protocols.

Note: Make sure to also fill out the Transfer Credit Application for Mathematics Courses.

For more information consult the Head Mathematics Advisor at

If no entry appears in the "Equivalent Rutgers Math course" column, look to the "Course description" column for an explanation.

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